Thu. Jun 13th, 2024


We have good overall air quality.  That’s the pronouncement by Director Rick Martin of Air Quality Control for Del Norte/Trinity/Humboldt Counties.

We currently have a monitor on top of the Health Building and they only monitor every 6 days for particulate matter or PM.  It measures pm10 and he wants to see us go to a monitor on a flat roof that can measure pm 2.5 and does constant monitoring.  The monitor weighs 200 pounds and he’s looking for a location.

Did you know that Crescent City prohibits burning in the city limits?  However, the County permits burns.  For every burn permit purchased, $3 of each permit goes to the Fire Department.

There is a grant coming up that you might want to check into.  That’s for the wood stove replacement program.  Starting this summer, Air Quality will assist in purchasing new EPA certified wood stoves.  $500 grant per household.

The next meeting is scheduled at the Board of Supervisor’s chambers located at the County Building by 9th and “H” Streets, May 16th at 1 pm.



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