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By Carl DeMaio – May 20, 2024

Californians already pay the highest gas prices in the nation, but state politicians are imposing new costs that will spike our gas tax to $2 per gallon! Here’s what you need to know – and how you can help BLOCK this tax hike!

First, I want you to know that we do NOT have to just accept this latest massive gas tax hike!

Reform California is waging a “Gas Tax Repeal and Rebate” campaign – and it all hinges on forming our Reform CA Caucus in the state legislature and passing the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative THIS NOVEMBER!

Second, because the liberal media in California refuses to cover this story, we need to spread the truth ASAP to voters on what is happening with their gas prices!

Each year Reform California releases a full calculation of the REAL gas tax we’re paying for each gallon we pump. As broken down below, the current tax is $1.43 per gallon – but new mandates will spike it to two dollars.

That’s because the CA Air Resources Board (appointed by state politicians) is imposing a costly new fuel standard that will spike the cost by an additional 52 cents by 2026 – and we also see a new yet-to-be-determined oil/gas penalty tax from the CA Energy Commission.

  • STATE EXCISE TAX: 59.6 cents (automatically increases July 1 each year)
  • CAP AND TRADE TAX: 28 cents
  • SALES TAX: 12 cents
  • CARB REGULATION COSTS: 23 cents (today), increases to 75 cents (2026)
  • FEDERAL EXCISE COSTS: 18.4 cents

TOTAL PER GALLON CA GAS TAX: $1.43 today, $1.95 by 2026

The CA Taxpayer Protection Initiative that we are backing in November will help repeal several of these tax mandates. But we need to do more!

That’s why one of the first bills I will introduce – and the Reform California Caucus will prioritize – is a bill to immediately cap California’s gas tax so it never exceeds the national average! The bill will also immediately provide every driver with a $1000 rebate because California politicians engaged in predatory price-gouging with their costly gas taxes.

We will force a floor vote on this proposal – and if Democrats refuse to support it, we will put this proposal on the ballot through a citizens’ initiative and weaponize gas prices against them in the 2026 election! (Note: the CARB tax is scheduled to spike the gas tax to $2 a gallon in 2026 – so our timing will be impeccable!)

As you think about whether you will help us advance this gas tax repeal campaign, please stop and consider: How much does this gas tax spike cost you?

The average California driver who drives 15,000 miles a year is already paying over $2000 a year in state taxes and license fees!

Take a fraction of that and chip into this fight to give Californians much-needed relief from this unnecessary burden!

Carl DeMaio is Chairman, Reform California and a Candidate, CA State Legislature

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