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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – April 27, 2017 –

We are going back to the national scene for this week’s column.  There is so much “fake news” being spread by the mainstream, (that is blatantly liberal), media that it would do us all good to consider how to handle it.  I have come to the simple conclusion that the Left can’t make something right that is wrong and neither can those on the Right.

Climate change enthusiasts, to use a term less pejorative than I would have in the past, continue to claim man made pollution is increasing the global temperature on our planet.  I have a degree in Geology and am very familiar with cyclical climate change.  Sunspot cycles correlate quite well to changes in temperature, both ways might I add.  No one has proven anything about man made climate change and estimates of effects range in a fraction of a degree.

The point is it is needless worrying over something totally out of the control of others.  Fear mongering to make a buck for those evangelicals preaching this nonsense.  Carbon credits?  Someone please tell me how allowing the same gas production but paying for it accomplishes anyone’s goals other than transferring wealth.  On top of that, who gets to determine the allowable amount of pollutants in the first place?

On to the lovely town of Berserk-ly where the liberals are so “mainstream” the people who live in that area claim they are “conservative”.  No really.  My friend at the gym told me he lived there for forty years, had never seen or understood racism until he left the area, and that Stanford was the liberal university while UC Berkeley is conservative.  I congratulate him on his delusional dementia and wish him well in life which he believes got better under the Obama administration.

We had quite the polarized “debate” while he was pedaling a bike next to a woman who appeared to get more agitated the longer I spoke.  Before we were done, she got up, patted him on the shoulder, and complimented him on his “patience”.  I guess this true liberal would have felt better if he had just got up and resorted to violence against me.  Anything to shut up an alternate opinion based on truth and fact.

From an abstract by Daniel Klein and Andrew Western,

Of the total of 1497 individual names on the cumulative list, we obtained readings on 1005, or 67 percent. The findings support the “one-party campus” conjecture. For UC-Berkeley, we found an overall Democrat:Republican ratio of 9.9:1. For Stanford, we found an overall D:R ratio of 7.6:1. Moreover, the breakdown by faculty rank shows that Republicans are an “endangered species” on the two campuses.

So when we speak to the issue of “Free Speech” movement of 1966 (I was there when Mario Savio, Jerry Ruben, and Angela Davis appeared), free speech was demanded by those on the far Left because the infiltration of academia by communist/socialists had just begun.  The university was run by Clark Kerr who was fired by the then conservative Regents at the behest of Ronald Reagan, the newly elected governor.  Kerr defended communists and their right to freely speak their minds but he denied being one in 1934 when he met his wife at a student social gathering of communists.

It appears that much as Islam isn’t a problem until those people reach a majority, neither are liberals on college campuses.  I believe I have proven that Berkeley is a liberal institution only from the viewpoint that its faculty is predominantly registered as Democrats.  I don’t attend classes there so I have no proof of political brainwashing during educational sessions.

What has brought this subject to the forefront is the denial of Milo Yiannopoulos and now Ann Coulter to speak at the university to present their conservative take on the issues of the day, specifically mass immigration into California.  The masked members of the group Antifa, an acronym for anti-fascist, have made it unsafe for those with alternative stances to give their speeches.  Typical and exactly like the true fascists of the past, this group takes to force to get their way.

Clark Kerr defended the right of communists to express their ideas in the face of opposition from conservatives.  Where is the champion of free speech on the Left, those same communists, who will provide the safe opportunity for expression of ideas?

I have been told that Coulter will be appearing in Berkeley on April 27th, the day this paper will be printed.  I intend to be there to see for myself exactly how it turns out.  That is what “real” journalists do.  That is what people who believe in the First Amendment do.

* * * * *

The next topic I wish to broach was a question posed by Michael Savage about Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks’ provocateur.  Do you believe Assange to be a traitor as denounced by Mike Pompeo, the now head of the CIA under Trump or do you believe he is a hero?  As usual, the audience was led down the primrose path to one of either of the choices.  My question is why can’t he be both?

We are still talking free speech here.  While I don’t condone the release of names or occupations which would endanger individuals in government employ, I have no problem exposing them for perpetrating illegal actions in the name of “governing” or controlling citizens.  Exposing what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders to prevent him from getting the Democrat nomination does not fall into this category and did us all a service.

Comparing Assange to Edward Snowden is not entirely valid.  Snowden exposed the fact that US citizens were being spied on by their government.  Snowden worked for that government.

What I don’t know is what material was released by either which were detrimental other than to those in the government who wished to continue unimpeded with activity most of us would reject.  Between George Bush and Barry Obama, the greatest surveillance system in the world was set up.  When the Obama underlings used it get information on the Trump campaign or the individuals Trump wanted to put in his administration, I believe you have to draw the line.

Simply telling the public how things are being done should not be a crime.  Evidently no one likes to be caught with their pants down and some want to continue these nefarious ways when they attain power.  It is a sickness …

* * * * *

We go on to the bombing of the Syrian airstrip and confronting North Korea.  Unlike the feckless, anti-military Obama, Donald Trump doesn’t draw lines in the sand.  Trump has taken the Theodore Roosevelt approach because he can talk softly and he has a big stick.  What doesn’t make much sense is the fallout from his actions.

The military launched 57 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airbase after giving the Russians 30 minutes of notice to clear out.  The idea was to send a message.  It seems it was heard.

While Vladimir Putin may have no problem bombing his own people with Sarin gas or conventional weaponry, the Left in America are “peace-niks” only when Republicans are in office.  Perhaps American Jews only remember the holocaust because it was their people being killed?  As America was capable of being the world’s peacekeeper until the disassembly of our military by Carter, Clinton, and Obama, we can either stand by and let atrocities occur or we can take action.

Now comes petty tyrant Kim Jong-un to be the latest mentally unstable ruler to play the lead in “The Mouse Who Roared”.  What is Trump supposed to do?  Appease another mad man who much like Tehran’s mad mullahs does not care what nuclear war reaps?  Clinton appeased North Korea during his term to stop their nuclear program.  The idiot Obama gave Tehran billions for the same purpose but enabled their program rather than terminating it.  Obama is not really an idiot but a treasonous traitor who would like nothing better than to see a world wide Muslim caliphate.

For those of you who oppose the President’s actions, nothing short of tragedy will potentially bring you to your senses.  I believe it is worse than that.  Only prolonged suffering will give you the opportunity to reject your dogma of liberalism, the suicidal mental disorder of our day.

For attempting to put forth rational and sane debate, using logic and reason, all of us will be castigated and demeaned by those “true believers” who are the rank and file for the liberals in power.  There is only one problem for the ‘antifa’ group.

I hit back … both in words and physically … be warned …


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