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By Marjorie Taylor Greene – September 27, 2023

WASHINGTON D.C. — Today, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene passed an amendment on the House floor to FIRE Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.
This is the first time in the 118th Congress the Holman rule has been used to hold a Biden official accountable.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene
Hi, I’m proud to let you know that my amendment using the Holman rule to fire Secretary Lloyd Austin just passed on the House floor.

This is the first time in the 118th Congress that we have used the Holman rule.

This is the first one introduced.

And as a matter of fact, it’s the first time the Holman rule has been used in years.

The Holman rule is a very important tool that Members of Congress can use to fire federal government officials.

And Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense of the United States, definitely deserves to be fired.

He failed in Afghanistan, military recruitment is at an all-time low, and he forced 8,000 military troops out of the military because they refused the COVID vaccine.

There’s a loss in confidence in Lloyd Austin’s leadership and he deserves to be fired.

So my amendment to fire him using the Holman rule, reducing his salary down to $1, and $1 is too much, just passed on the House floor.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Congresswoman from Georgia

One thought on “Amendment on House Floor to FIRE Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin”
  1. She must have a miserable life. Maybe she could’ve used Nixon’s strategy of pulling out of Viet Nam. How did that turn out? Oh yeah, we left equipment, pushed helicopters off carriers, gave Vietnamese money money when they got here. My wife applied for a job at a Navy Base and it was given To a Vietnamese. I know the 82 footers the Coast Guard used to patrol off the coast and rivers were given to the Vietnamese. I served on these for a year over there. Is she best Georgia has to offer. She is a good example of being overpaid. She’s got her nose so far up Trump’s butt it’s pathetic.

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