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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – February 1, 2022

One would think that if you are referring to our local educators, you
are possibly talking about locals who are among the brightest that this
community has to offer.  Yet it seems that a virus approximately 100
nanometers in size that has difficulty being a health issue for nearly
all children and healthy adults, has the district beside itself in
terror.  According to the  Brainless in Charge, The Del Norte Unified
School District’s Superintendent, Jeff Harris, the district’s students
and staff are dropping like flies.  As of the DNUSD’s latest update on
January 19th, 14 students (3564) and 15 staff members ( about 1830) had
tested positive for the Omicron Variant of Covid-19.  That translates to
less than one half of one percent of students and less than one percent
of all staff, that  has the district’s administration in an uproar.

The circus;   however, does not end there.  Because a minuscule number
of students, likely using the highly unreliable rapid antigen test, have
tested positive, has the district quarantining students left and right. 
Hundreds of local students have been sent home to quarantine for the
recommended five day period, symptoms not with standing.  Now we all
know that during the pandemic, school from home was an utter disaster. 
That the school district is into sending students homeward due to
questionable testing, and “contact Tracing”, is the potential for
another wasted school year that was off to an excellent start.

Common sense out the window, college education merely a piece of paper,
and hysteria reigns throughout the local school district. Apparently
Omicron doesn’t travel well in the local public schools and contact
tracing and over zealous testing have turned up very few clusters of the
virus.  Doesn’t really seem that a lot of students or the staff have
much in the way of symptoms or even mild illness.  It does not make much
sense to send them home.  If the governor can’t seem to take it all that
seriously why should our youth pay the price of a manufactured Covid,
gulp!, gulp! crisis at the local schools.

The school district administration is no doubt tired of hearing that ALL
TESTING, will not change the fact the these measures have not
effectively changed anything when it comes to our youth and otherwise
healthy adults.  The science does not support the “nanny state” behavior
of our local public education masters.  The school district needs to
take their collective heads off the chest of drawers in the morning and
attach it to their necks, then a little critical thinking is in order. 
It seems as though that has gone out of style.  Waffling over a few
Covid positives using a highly unreliable test is the height of
foolishness, not a good look for our community’s “brightest”.

If members of the community wish to slavishly follow the narrative
blindly, even as it no longer has relevance so be it. If local children
are going to “become educated” the school district needs for them to be
in their seats, in front of a qualified educator and not jumping every
time someone even utters the words “Covid Positive”.  It has long been
established that there are very few youth that have serious issues with
the virus. The unintended consequences of being out of school in the
community are far worse.  The “adults” in public education need to suck
it up and do their job….

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