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By Guest Columnist Michael Ceremello, June 25, 2018 –

I see a bigger problem with “tolerance”.  To do nothing of what I suggest is only to continue to pick away at our economy and society.  Tolerance of the jihadist Islamic disease, or Obama’s outright encouragement of it, ignores the fact that this segment of the Muslim population is at war with Western civilization.  Did German, Japanese or Italian immigrants who clustered in their own communities while adjusting to life in the US advocate converting their adopted home to their views on law and morals?

This is really simple.  I don’t believe in the use of force to get my way.  I don’t believe in others using force against me.  But if you hit me, I am going to hit you back so hard you won’t be able to hit me again.  If you have only conversion as your goal instead of assimilation, then stay out of the US.  We will deal with you after we get the Western Hemisphere in order.

If this sounds like “colonialism” or “world conquest” to you, you are once again having a problem with “differentiation”.  What I am suggesting is we all see the problem, the problem is how much better the United States is than any other society, and eliminating the problem creates more freedom, wealth, and happiness than what people have where they are now.  There would be no desire to cross borders or large expanses of land unless you preferred a different climate.

So what do we do if my offer is rejected?  Regimes can be overthrown and this is what I see as the largest stumbling block, the power and control encapsulated by those at the top.  We can either do this the easy way or the hard way. Aristocracy of the elite, including in the US, must be halted.

There should be no “Joe Bidens” or Bush/Clinton/Kennedy political ruling classes based on name recognition.  I find it hard to believe that Trump is the only capable American who was not part of the political elite who truly has the right belief system with which most Americans can agree.  Reagan was another but he followed a more traditional path than going for the top position without experience.

The regressive mentality wants equality but has proven there is always a ruling class.  Government “of, by, and for the People” must be conditioned on those elected not simply mouthing these words but believing they are temporary servants to get a job done.  This is not a career.  You are not better than the rest of us.

I continue to wonder and muse on the facts that if the US is so great and such a magnet for foreign people desiring a better life, why has our model not been adopted by other nations including those our Founders used as the basis in creating our government?  People have overthrown onerous regimes in the past.  Why would you continue the failed socialist experiment when you have a hundred years experience witnessing the capitalist difference?

hy do we in the US have such a problem exporting a successful model of governance?  Why do other countries not want to use this model?  Power and control are obvious components of reluctance.  The insanity of the “guilt of success” or the ill perceived notion of conquest rather than peaceful inclusion are mental malfunctions by those who can’t think outside of their own little bubbles.

Perhaps the real problem is we, as a people or a planet, can’t imagine a world without conflict due to a solitary superior form of government.  Show me a cattle rancher in the middle of our country who thinks he needs government to tell him how to raise beef.  Show me any independent person who wants others to dictate to him how he should run his life.  The Grange is quite a bit different than a “greenie” telling you to recycle.

Isn’t it about time we treated the disease rather than the symptoms?  Our lives are not supposed to be some part of an inconsequential reality show.  If you have a better solution, I want to see it or hear about it.

The silence will be deafening …

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