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Mother’s Day Open House This Weekend at Eagle Point Alpaca Ranch



EAGLE POINT, Oregon is under 2 1/2 hours drive from Crescent City.

Andresen Acres Alpacas will host a special Mother’s Day Open House on Sunday, May 10, 2015 from Noon-5pm at 924 Linn Road in Eagle Point. Andresen Acres Alpacas has award-winning Huacaya alpacas and beautiful hand-crafted products made from alpaca fiber. This event is free and open to the public. Families are encouraged to attend.

During the special Mother’s Day Open house there will be tours of the farm, alpaca products (yarn, socks, scarves and other gifts) raw fiber for sale, and of course, lots of alpacas. Participants can also learn about alpacas and how to start their own alpaca ranch.

“Our open houses are unique events and a great way to see these wonderful animals first hand“says Noreen Andresen of Andresen Acres Alpacas. Alpacas have a wide range of colors, quality of fiber, and can range from hobby farm pets to show-winning animals. Participants will also be able to get their hands on the alpacas, feel their fiber, and see some of the beautiful finished products that can be made from alpaca fiber” says Andresen.

“Alpacas produce a soft fleece that is ideal for spinning, knitting, and other hand crafts.  It also makes for wonderful finished products like yarn, clothing, and more. Alpaca fiber is softer, finer, more lustrous, stronger and warmer than sheep’s wool– giving finished products a luxurious feel without the bulkiness of wool. Most people who are allergic to wool can wear alpaca comfortably,” says Andresen.

“Alpacas are valuable livestock and excellent for small farms -they don’t need much acreage and are easy on pastures and fences,” says Norm Andresen of Andresen Acres Alpacas. Owning alpacas can be a wonderful family business and provide a relaxing lifestyle. Alpacas also make great pets.

Come learn about these unique animals for fun or profit at this memorable Mother’s Day event in Eagle Point.

For onsite interviews, additional press information, or directions to the farm, please contact Norm Andresen at (541) 826-6211.

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