Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Susan Kanen, Biochemist, Anchorage resident
On January 24th, the Anchorage Assembly voted to ignore the thousands of Anchorage voters who want to end artificial water fluoridation. The Assembly is solely responsible for fluoridating your water. As they were drinking nonfluoridated water, they voted to override Amy Demboski’s efforts to place on the April 4th ballot an advisory question on stopping water fluoridation. The Assembly essentially said let’s not open that discussion up to ignorant voters even with an advisory vote. Lets just believe the dental and government experts. (really? Experts who for decades have supported toxic mercury amalgams? CDC experts in 2011 lowered their recommended fluoride concentration by over 40% admittedly stating the reason as we are overdosed with fluoride as evidenced by skyrocketing dental fluorosis rates. Trust them?).

Anchorage should more carefully study recent developments around water fluoridation and follow Fairbanks’ example that stopped water fluoridation because it overdoses infants on formula made with tap water; Juneau’s example that stopped water fluoridating because it corroded their plumbing; and the example of many villages stopping water fluoridation including Hooper Bay where fluoride overfeeding killed Dominic Smith and poisoned hundreds of others some possibly with permanent injuries to their kidneys.

I know first hand from my whistleblowing experience as a chemist in DC on lead in drinking water that the EPA not only concealed high lead levels in drinking water as since exposed in Flint, MI., but also covered raw data that showed added fluorides contribute to lead corrosion. Documented in my personal medical record is lifelong and on-the-job fluoride poisoning and later recovery. Fluorides accumulated in my bone at 1500 ppm. The CDC makes no effort to monitor fluoride accumulation in our calcium rich tissues or our pets.

For two years, AWWU has failed produce specific documentation on the required testing for impurities in Anchorage’s batches of Chinese sodium fluorosilicate and Girdwood’s sodium fluoride. They are ‘certified’. Where is the specific data on heavy metals and/or radioactivity for the chemicals dumped 200# per day into your water?

The Assembly’s consensus was that even with an advisory vote on April 4th choosing to end water fluoridation, the Assembly would still not vote fluoride out. Show up April 4th at the ballot box, you may not see the water fluoridation question, but you can vote out those not willing to even ask or listen to the public’s will.

Trust the experts? I vote no.

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