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By Jill Jennings-McElheney – June 6, 2016 – Dear Steven (EPA), David (HHS), Joanna (CDC) and Bruce (NIEHS/NIH):

As you know, the deadline has passed for you to respond to my simple submitted proposal to collaboratively issue a public statement through the Surgeon General on fluoride pollutants infused into thousands of municipal drinking water systems.

In the aftermath of Flint, Michigan’s intentional and catastrophic water poisoning, victims of Flint and others who are emerging daily from our full fledged national drinking water crisis, all deserve the right to fluoride pollutant free drinking water.

I wanted to offer you a grace period to respond in light of the article I read last night by Matthew Dolan:

You are aware now that:

•corrosive, hazardous, and toxic fluoride waste pollutants have elevated water infrastructure costs & this externalization needs to end

• water fluoridation is a national security issue which places dwindling safe/clean supplies at risk

• a National Toxicology report is to be released soon and whatever this report summarizes will expose EPA/HHS as corrupt after both agencies admitted on record that fluoride pollution concentrate infused into finished drinking water contains bad actors that slip through regulatory cracks and cause adverse health conditions in consumers

• water fluoridation is responsible for health disparities in minorities while your agencies falsely promote the poor and disadvantaged as most benefitted

• federal money peddling/agency resources that prop up water fluoridation as safe, effective, and a beneficial poison for healthy teeth remains void of scientific integrity, ethical footing, and has been responsible for a high percentage nationwide of negative iatrogenic impacts

• known victims of over exposure to fluoride continue to be whole body dosed by fluoridated drinking water without the right, consideration, provision, or access to fluoride pollutant free consumer tap water

I hope you will not linger any longer, and agree to move forward with distancing the federal government from promoting water fluoridation.   In doing so, you/federal panel members/agency employees who chose not to suspend water fluoridation in 2014/2015 but rather publish a reckless, condescending, and negligent recommendation to continue national expansion of this antiquated and fraudulent toxicology program, will be free of my legal complaint.

I look forward to hearing from you in this grace period.


Jill Jennings-McElheney
Verified Water Poisoned Victim
Author of “Sentinel Son” to be Published in 2017

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