Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Opinion by Samuel Strait

While some “blue” states have continued to retain the “state of
emergency” power, the final state, Hawaii has lifted its masking
mandate, the 50th state to do so.  Hawaii was kind of late to the party
as most states had lifted their mandates months ago. California will
liberate its school children next Monday, March 14th after nearly two
years of pointless government political posturing.  After dozens of
studies from all over the world stating unequivocally that masking was,
is and will always be a failed public health option to combat any
virus.  The federal government knew this from the outset and lied for
the entire span of Covid-19 hysteria.  Yet still large numbers of
“conditioned and propagandized” adults continue to behave like they are
going down to the corner liquor store to rob the till.

Now that it appears that most science, known as legitimate science,
previously labeled “misinformation” has begun to pierce the veil of lies
and the illegitimate narrative that “masks work”, it is time to dispel
the next “whopper” in the list of misinformation that we have been fed
for two solid years.  That is the great “vaccine” hoax.  It is well
established that the current “arm Jabs” are not vaccines by even the
Centers for Disease Control standards, but are rather gene therapy
injections.  Most reputable scientist would equate them to the kind of
gene therapy that has recently been turned loose on Cancer patients in
order to solve cancer issues.  Most folks that use that sort of
treatment already have cancer.  The “gene therapy” employed on
individuals to combat Covid-19 for the most part are not infected with
the virus.   Neither of the two most common “gene therapies” being
offered, that of Pfizer’s version and the Moderna jab, at least
according to the companies involved, ever admitted that their therapies
would make anyone immune, or prevent serious outcomes. And as it turns
out they were absolutely correct.

Previous experience with the development of true vaccines took many
years of development and testing.  Most occurred over periods of 12 to
15 years in order to determine if there were any long term surprises
before inoculating most of the known world with what is now appearing to
be one giant experimental trial.   In this age of Covid pandemic the
testing period was roughly six months, hardly the stuff to depend your
life on, particularly when the results were not from the production of a
normal vaccine, but from a relatively “new” technology designed for an
entirely different purpose.

Only time will tell whether or not these “gene therapies” will become
major health concerns in the future, but there is mounting evidence of
that possibility.  The list of existing ailments that could very
possibly up your risk factor for a negative outcome from the Covid jab
is growing by the day.  Well over thirty known medical ailments will up
the risk factor for negative outcomes following even one jab.  The fact
that governments every where continue to push this reckless and
irresponsible therapy should be considered monstrous.  Since the very
beginning of the rush to distribute these gene therapies the number of
Covid infections have doubled in less than nine months.  There is
something seriously wrong here when at the federal level the Biden
Administration seems unaware of the potential dangers of continuing with
the “vaccination for all” scenario.   It is medical malpractice of the
highest order.

Irregardless of whether you believe in the false “narrative” of masking
and vaccination, ask yourself the question “If you did NOT have cancer,
would you insist on receiving gene therapy to mitigate its symptoms”? 
The same logic should apply to those that do not have an identifiable
case of Covid-19.  If and when the case for masking and “vaccination,
which isn’t vaccination” is made to NOT represent an actual cure or
create immunity for Covid-19, the case for community responsibility
trumping individual responsibility goes away.  No responsible reason to
claim “emergency status” or claim that the curative is actually
necessary to “protect” the community.  To be blunt, those that screamed
mask up and get “vaccinated” should be tarred, feathered, and run out of
town.  Except we’re supposed to be civilized and forgiving.  The next
time some one asks why you didn’t mask up or get vaccinated, maybe the
tar brush should be waved in front of their mask….  Other than that,
it remains absolutely comical that the Biden Administration insists on
keeping travelers masked up and vaccinated to travel…… Maybe if he
took the ice cream cone out from between his ears, some one could
whisper into that vacuum chamber he calls his brain and enlighten him.

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