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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – May 17, 2022

For all the fools out there that are still dutifully wearing their Covid
Masks, or keeping their distance from others, or even have been 3xx or
4xx vaxxed, the science is catching up with your stupidity.  Gone are
the near thrice daily or more solemn pronouncements of Dr. “Know it all”
Anthony Fauci, who will likely be more focused on scurrying away into
retirement or the distinct possibility of finding himself the subject of
criminal prosecution.  Even the local Public Health Lord Aaron Stutz is
muted and missing for over a month now.  Still collecting his salary no
doubt.  As real science begins to break the near monopoly of Covid
misinformation from the media, “trusted”, I know not likely, medical
establishment figures, the CDC, the FDA, politicians, big Pharma, and
all other virtue signalers, the race will shortly be on to distance
themselves from the past two years of Covid propaganda.

Recent and even science preCovid long ago shot down masks, social
distancing, and even lockdowns as preventative measures for combating
viruses.  Now the race is on to defend the application to 2,000,000,000
of the earth’s inhabitants that getting jabbed with mRNA shots was
something that would, except in a “few” minor instances, protect them
from the worst effects of Covid-19.  Seems that this idea has now sprung
a leak and begun to be revealed as misinformation.  Not only has the
“jab” been exposed as a short time potential “fix”, but there are a
growing number of negative outcomes, including death from that harmless
little jab.  Since the mRNA “vaccines” were proclaimed the “savior of
mankind”, studies have been conducted that are screaming “not so fast”.

Not only have the mRNA “vaccines” been unveiled as loosing their
protective properties in as little as two to four weeks, the long term
effects of vaccination are beginning to expose a whole new collection of
medical issues.  The unfortunate side effects of being vaccinated while
young are not only life threatening, but can last a lifetime. 
Differing human physiologies produce differing reactions to illness and
treatment.  Medical science is far from exact science even now.  The
lack of long term studies for this current crop of “vaccines” will now
be played out in the lives of two billion souls who were vaccinated well
before it was “safe” to do so.  Even now, it has been revealed that
issues with both the Modena and the Pfizer versions displayed unexpected
and serious outcomes in the trials leading up to their approval by the
FDA.  These have been dismissed as “rare”.   Nearly 1500 lost souls here
in the United States beg to differ with that assessment.

Going forward into the future there will likely be a great deal more of
hesitation to blindly accept the path governments and Public Health
chose to “combat” the virus.  Totalitarian governments like China and
North Korea have continued with the failed policies to the detriment of
their citizens.  Other more “democratic” countries, Australia, New
Zealand, and Canada tried similar programs that failed as well.  There
is no doubt that the Biden administration, which painted themselves into
a tiny corner over Covid, will renew its efforts when the next sign of
an up tick in infections from Covid-19 to resurrect its failed
policies.  No doubt the empty suit in Sacramento is waiting for his time
to follow along, or maybe even lead the return to those failed policies.

Unfortunately, for the Biden Administration and even Newsom, time is not
on their side.  Daily we are learning of the true disaster that the
Covid policies produced here in this Country that go well beyond the
simple loss of life.  Future generation will now begin to pay a steep
price for governments worldwide seeking to simply be seen as ” doing
something”.  Many of what was “normal” before the recent hysteria over
the Covid pandemic will no longer be the same.  America and the world
has become a very different place in just over two years, and not for
the better.   Even if simple fools continue to wear their face
decorations, social distance, and get vaxx boosters every time they see
an ad proclaiming it is in your best interest, those that have awoken
should not forget what went on before.

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