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By Samuel Strait – January 14, 2023

It hasn’t been that long ago when walking through our local Home Depot
that I saw the cutest elderly couple also perusing Home Depot’s wares
wearing matching powder blue face masks.   I am not one to point out the
futility of wearing the face coverings, particularly to what is so
obviously a well indoctrinated elderly pair.  While I think it is
unfortunate that any one continues in the mistaken belief that a face
mask, no matter what kind, has anything to do with protection from
illness, I am not about to point out the unintended consequences to
anyone who continues to think or perhaps virtue signal their collective
stupidity over masking.  I am not sure how many scientific studies it
takes to penetrate the true believers cranial cavities that they have
been had for nearly three years now by what was formerly a medical
community that was trusted by most people in this Country.

Granted, particularly public health and our various layers of government
felt they had to do something in the face of what seemed to be an
overwhelming experience with a frightening and invisible peril to the
entire population, yet the mechanism chosen to begin the fight had been
dismissed by experts just two years previous in 2017.  For the next two
years, 2020 and 2021, and even into much of a third year, we still hear
the call to mask up, social distance, and stay at home if possible from
the CDC, the FDA. and even some State Public Heath Departments, long
after masking, distancing, and staying at home have been solidly
debunked as effective mechanisms for prevention of infection or
transmission.  Hospitals, doctors offices, and Federal Buildings
continue to require such behavior in spite of the Federal Government’s 
acknowledgement recently that multiple studies have shown no protection
from virus infection from wearing a mask.

Fortunately, the Covid Authoritarians are beginning to encounter a
growing resistance to vaccinations, in particular the most recently
approved booster.  While there has been a great deal of information over
the past two years surrounding cardiac issues in young males up to and
including death, the new boosters are setting off alarms in seniors over
65.  Clearly the rush to develop a vaccine to reduce death from Covid 
has encountered a number of issues, not only from being unable to
prevent infection, reduced efficacy, and a growing number of negative
outcomes, but there is growing evidence that the vaccines may not even
mitigate the effects of Covid in any way.  PCR testing which has been
enshrined as the gold standard for detecting Covid, has also produced a
statistic that seventy percent of those testing positive are
asymptomatic.  This fact and that of a further thirteen percent have
very mid symptoms makes it very difficult to determine whether the mRNA
vaccines have any measurable mitigating effect on those that are ill.

Coupled with the described issues with the vaccines are what has
recently been determined that those who have taken the vaccine now
appear to be much more likely to become ill from Covid a second and even
third time than those who are unvaccinated.  This combination of issues
with the mRNA vaccines have caused many countries to halt the continued
distribution, until proper studies over a long term can be completed. 
Recently studies of the potential effects of various vaccines already
approved by the FDA were found to be inadequate or not performed at
all.  China, whose population is over ninety percent vaccinated, has
recently revealed a massive problem with the virus that has ripped
through the population in several waves.  As the early dictators of
Covid policy have begun to fall on their swords over what was very
clearly misinformation for the past three years, it remains clear that
the indoctrination of a portion of the population continues unabated.

While for most who have shed their masks and refused further injections,
there remains an amused tolerance for those that continue to mask, and
line up for injections that certainly was not found in those
authoritarians early in the Pandemic reign of mandates.  What has
clearly become an enormous problem going forward is that blind faith in
expertise, particularly in the medical fields, public health, the
government, and most media, will take years to be restored if ever. 
When considering the debacle surrounding the handling of Covid, experts
in many other scientific fields might wish to take heed in their
pronouncements.   Climate change, green energy, and EV’s come to mind
when looking out over the landscape of cracks already appearing in the
validity of these three in particular going forward.

We, as a population need to be able to restore public faith in our
medical practitioners, scientists and experts in many fields. The
continual alarmism of disasters to happen in the future, yet never seems
to appear, need to take a breath and and come to grips with their
“chicken little behavior” in the event that some actual disaster were to
occur.   The Covid Pandemic is for all intents and purposes over. 
Climate alarmism needs to follow suit.

One thought on “And The Wall Came Tumbling Down”
  1. Right on point. Stupid is as stupid does !
    Polite people didn’t sneeze on people before COVID..and don’t need to during or after Covid, hence no need for masks..which was to protect from a 100 mph sneeze from 6ft. Staying 6’ft away overcomes all this. Unless you are in crowded need to mask. What it did was keep the Chinese in rice via pharma sales….

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