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Opinion and Commentary By Samuel Strait – March 24, 2022

I see locally we are all supposed to bend over for the sake of the
“Silvery Phacelia”, yet another proposed Del Norte bit of foliage that
is intended to claim a spot on the “Endangered Species List” taking 252
additional acres off the table for development.  Hopefully most of the
acreage is already “protected” in some manner or form.  Seems at least
people are not to blame, or maybe climate change has a hand and we are
“to blame”.  I do not intend to waste time on the plight of the “sand
dune silvery phacelia”, just curious as to how the greatest
environmental threat to mankind, Climate Change, has had to take a
backseat to this bit of Del Norte native flora?

Most certainly the fool in the Governor’s Office has recently waxed
elegant foolishness over “climate change” recently in a meeting with
“the Japanese Ambassador”.  Oh wait, that has taken a back seat as
well.  Seems most in this Country find inflation a much bigger attention
grabber.  Well maybe the Ukraine has those in the media fascinated, but
most have looked in their rapidly emptying wallets and now rank Climate
Change and environmentalism well down the list of things to worry
about.  Those fickle Americans, what could possibly be more important
than the end of the world by 2030, an electric car in everyone’s garage,
solar panels, and windmills.

Back to Newsom and the Japanese….  An MOC, Memorandum of Cooperation,
was recently signed by Newsom, his elevation to grandeur and foreign
policy making, seems the president is wiping up the ice cream on his
coat, which plans to cooperate on projects with the Japanese in the
following areas, climate change (there it is), trade and investment,
renewable energy, zero emission vehicles, high speed rail, and other
transportation services, and water conservation.  If anything Hair Gel
thinks that by continuing to pound the drum of Climate Catastrophe, his
politics will reward him at the ballot box.  Somehow, the last eight or
nine months have made all Newsom’s efforts to keep climate change in the
California Media and the minds of its citizens, it has ceased to move
the needle.

Even Californians are beginning to get the message that we probably
aren’t quite ready to transition from oil, coal, and natural gas quite
yet.  Solar power and wind have proven to be not quite up to the task of
providing for the energy needs of this country let alone the third world
and governments like China, India, and Russia.  The zero emission’s
inclined Germans have had to retreat from their policies when oil,
natural gas, and coal proved essential to maintaining a viable economy. 
The idea of transitioning away from these energy sources have become
fantasy’s in the light of technology not in evidence.  We now have
endured nearly thirty years of screaming climate change nut jobs and the
world is still standing and with all likely hood will continue to do so
long after 2030.  So, I am sorry if the silvery phacelia is threatened
and Governor Newsom has signed yet more pointless word salad about
combating “Climate Change”, but I and many others in this country are
more concerned about inflation and the fact that Climate Obsession has a
large role in causing it…..

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