Sat. May 25th, 2024


Just in case you haven’t heard, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married on Saturday, August 23rd in France.  How will this impact your life?  It probably won’t.  But, every once in a while it’s tantalizing to watch celebrity couples.

Brad Pitt, now 50 years old, fathering six children some adopted, some natural with Angelina Jolie, 39 years old.  You may recall they met while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Pitt was then married to Jennifer Aniston of the TV sitcom,  “Friends.”

Jolie, daughter of actor Jon Voight, met both ex husbands on movie sets as well.  Ex-husband  number one,  Jonny Lee Miller was part of the cast in the 1995 computer crime film “Hackers, ” starring Robert Redford.   Ex-husband number two, Billy Bob Thornton, was part of the cast in “Pushing Tin.”

Husband #1 lasted about 1 year before separating.  Husband #2 lasted about 2 years before separating due in part to her adopting her first child.  Some people love being a parent, and then there’s Billy Bob Thornton.

Lately in the news, singers, oops rapper, and moguls JayZ and wife, Beyoncé, have made it seem like their marriage was on the rocks.

The couple has one daughter and is now expecting their second with speculation that this pregnancy is to save their marriage.

When did a baby ever save a troubled marriage?  Does their marriage need to be saved, or were the divorce rumors merely a publicity stunt to increase ticket sales to their concert?

Celebrity couples.  Traditionally, long term marriage among celebrity couples just don’t last. Nevertheless, let’s wish these two families the very best.





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