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By Richard Sauerheber, Ph.
(B.A. Biology, Ph.D. Chemistry, University of California, San Diego)
Palomar College, 1140 W. Mission Rd., San Marcos, CA 92069

Excerpts from January 11, 2012 regarding elephants

Dear Anthony Young, San Diego City Council, Mayor Sanders, and Attorney Dumanis,

As a concerned San Diego native I write again to help you understand your rights regarding the use of substances in water to treat citizens of the city. All Water Districts in the U.S. who treat people with industrial fluorides for any putative effect on teeth via the bloodstream after ingestion are responsible for measuring the fluoride level in the blood of citizens they decide to treat. The burden of quality control is on the utilites that administer the agent, not the consumer who is forced to ingest it.

The target blood level stated by the Oral Health Division dental officials within the CDC is 0.2 ppm fluoride [1], but neither the OHD dentists nor most city utilities understand that blood fluoride levels depend on water hardness. People consuming Seattle ultra-soft water (10 ppm calcium) have levels above 0.2 ppm in blood, and water chemists there add calcium chloride along with the fluoridation chemicals to help minimize assimilation [2].  In hard water Texas (safe 300 ppm calcium antidote), where the idea of ‘water fluoridation’ first began, the blood level is below 0.2 ppm.  San Diego water (labeled ‘soft’ by water districts) has a calcium to fluoride ratio of only about 60 mg calcium per 0.8 mg fluoride.  Animal studies show the blood level of fluoride was lowered 4 fold when calcium was administered along with sodium fluoride, compared to sodium fluoride alone.

Those who believe the false claim, that fluoride consumption is harmless long-term, regardless of all the published human and animal studies proving otherwise, do not explain how fluoride, that crosses the blood brain barrier [3] and accumulates in bone permanently [4], somehow magically avoids having any effect on systemic biologic functions. How does this happen? The answer of course is that fluoride indeed causes harm. Look at the 41% of 12-15 year olds in the U.S. having permanent abnormal tooth fluorosis that prevents a normal smile [4]. They are not smiling, and neither are the San Diego residents who know the truth – that industrial fluorides are all toxic calcium chelators [5]. San Diego voters have voted against fluoridation twice, but it is still being forced on them.

Unfortunately after 6 years of consuming aluminum fluoride treated municipal water, the former show elephants of the Wild Animal Park were finally euthanized at the San Diego Zoo this week [6]. One was unable to walk and the other had also deteriorated after both became mentally unstable and unable to follow tasks. These were once bright animals. They could easily follow directions and learn tricks. But the elephant shows had to be canceled a few years after the Park began accepting fluoridated municipal water in 2005. The Park was told in 2005 they would not receive the treated water, but the Park’s utility, the San Pasqual Water District, arranged for the city of Escondido to provide the water that is treated with aluminum and with industrial fluoride [7], thinking without evidence that the water would be healthy for elephants, not realizing their large body to brain volume ratio.

Show elephants consume copious amounts of water because of their daily activity level, over 60 gallons daily, and do not have kidneys designed to remove aluminum fluoride at an intake rate that high. They developed mental aberrations that are known to occur in laboratory animals given aluminum fluoride water at such levels for long time periods [3, 4], including inability to walk from motor brain degeneration. The problem is that aluminum and fluoride together in the acidic stomach form complexes that are assimilated into the bloodstream, causing aluminum accumulation in the brain [4].  Aluminum in water which does not also contain industrial fluoride is not assimilated.

The elephants were transferred from the Wild Animal Park to the San Diego Zoo in January of 2010, and there they were also given fluoridated water to drink. The elephants’ mental deficiencies continued to decline. The were even unable to wander around freely in the enclosure. They were standing vegetables. They were recently euthanized.  Zoo veterinarians have no explanation for what happened to our elephants. They have not been trained in fluoride toxicology, yet they are reluctant to consider aluminum carried by silicofluoride as the toxin that dumbed down their charges.


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