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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – March 18, 2022

TERRI COLTON has declared her candidacy for Del Norte Supervisor, District.5.

Candidate Colton has a long history of civic involvement in Del Norte County including a near four decade involvement with the iconic JC Basketball Tournament and a 30 year Del Norte High School Drill Team head coach. Terri organized the Del Norte Hotel/Motel Association and was a long-term Chamber of Commerce member and Chairperson.

* She served on the Senior Center Board for several years helping fundraise $350,000 for the building of the Center. Before leaving to the private sector two years ago, candidate Colton worked as the Deputy Director, Economic Development of the Yurok Tribe for nearly nine years. Where Terri Colton stands on the issues:

* “Del Norte County is an absolute mess,” Colton states. I asked her if she felt the Tri-Agency was a FAILURE. She said, “ABSOLUTELY! ” Del Norte County needs to take responsibility and own past mistakes.”

* Candidate Colton expressed her ability to “…bring people to the table” and address real problems impacting voters, but did not articulate those solutions in our interview.

Clearly, candidate Colton displays a strong sense of courage and a long history of civic involvement. ” We need change, now,” Colton implores.

*Colton voted NO on the County Measure R sales tax increase. Colton expressed her need to know where the Measure R funds will be directed before she decides on repealing the 13% increase in revenue on the November ballot.

* When I asked candidate Colton where she stands on Marijuana usage, she stated she supports Medicinal Cannibis use…then in her next sentence she stated, ” I support recreational cannabis (Marijuana) usage.

*Colton, a bookkeeper by trade touts her experience in managing money and managing operations for the numerous Yurok enterprises including managing the Redwood Inn.

Colton will face four other candidates in District 5 on June 7.

11 thoughts on “Another Candidate for 5th District”
  1. Governor Newsom flew in to appoint Supervisor Masten as the best for our County. Her work in Washington and Klamath is unparalleled and far above any candidate for District 5. Supervisor Masten knows how to get Senators to hear us, having even sat in the oval office with President Clinton. It’s Masten who can modernize District 5 while keeping the essence of nature, history. So what could be the true reason Rodger Gitlin supports Colton? Is it party support? Freindship? Surely not because Colton will do anything for our District.

    1. Governor Hair Gel appointed Susan Masten because she is a Democrat and a member of the Yurok tribe, not because her work is unparalleled. The district that she was appointed to represent isn’t in Washington DC, or Sacramento. Only about 25% of district five’s residents live in Klamath, the rest live in Crescent City. This is something she will have to contend with. I am not sure what sitting in the Oval Office with former President Clinton, or “modernizing” District Five has to do with making Del Norte County a better place to live. You will have to elaborate on that a bit. As to maintaining the essence of nature and history, we have plenty of that going around, but it doesn’t do much for people trying to earn a living here. And finally, if you have read the previous articles by Roger Gitlin you would have noticed several more candidates have been interviewed and their positions on things they would have to hold an opinion on. That doesn’t mean he is endorsing them, just establishing their thoughts on a few issues. Terrycloth Cotton was just one candidate he interviewed for “Eye on Del Norte”.

  2. If you want a new perspective on real change from the current situation.. ask Terri.. she has alot to offer..

      1. Terri has been integrally involved in this town for years, she has the Knowledge & Experience to get Del Norte County on the right tract.

        1. Still a lot of words, but please be more specific. A lot of people can claim to have “been integrally involved”, but what does that mean? What knowledge and experience is going to get the County on the right track that she has opposed to anyone else?

          1. The one time I agree with you is candidates piggybacking projects they were not INTEGRAL in any sense, merely a bystander.

  3. Where is the Redwood Inn? The only Redwood Inn I know is the new name for the Travelodge at 4th and L Streets. Is this the inn she managed?

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