Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Great news to share with the many friends and contacts I (we) have made over the last few years from around the world!  
On November 15, 2014 the City of Prince George had a “non-binding Fluoridation referendum / opinion-poll”.  The results…. WE WON!

Here is a news release from the Prince George Free Press paper with a summary of that event, now fully public!
I wanted to share this with everyone because we all need some good news!  And I want to THANK-YOU all!
All of those elected into the Prince George City Council had agreed to supporting the referendum regardless of the out come before being elected.  They will be working on the “details” to turn off the hydrofluorosilicic acid, fluoridation  taps later in January and February.
Estimated time to shut off the hazardous waste, is three months (around February 2015, according to the Mayor-elect).  (And after 59 years of forced fluoridation, I guess we can wait a little longer for them to figure it out.)
Did I mention, WE WON! (And with your help, so we ALL WON, one more world victory!)
I have met, emailed or spoken with many of you and I hope to be able to keep in touch now that this battle has been won in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.  It is also to thank everyone individually, and collectively and I apologize if I have missed anyone.
I greatly appreciate all of the support, suggestions, comments, guidance, research, web pages, emails, phone calls, images, pdf reports, historic documents, current research, advice, guidance, suggestions, lessons learned and help everyone provided to everyone in our City of over 71,000 residents (including over 22,000 children).
I want to make a special acknowledgement to Dr. James Beck… the first person I reached out to, 19 months ago.  Dr. Jim responded suggesting he might be able to help us, me , my children and our City.  Thank-you Dr, Jim, you did help, very much…. words fall short to describe what that help means to me and our City.
Jane Shaak of the Health Action Network (HAN)…. thank you for your help when you were in PG for 30 years, the 1998 difficulties, including your help over these last 19 months.  With your help, many more contacts were made including great suggestions and guidance to help us weave through local politics and history!
Also, a special Thank-you to Jeff Green and his family…. sadly Jeff has left the building.   I spoke with him a few times over the last year and wish we could have shared the win with him too, we listened and applied many of your respectful suggestions.   (Including our Marilyn Judd, who was our Prince George hero before she left us).
Dr. Kennedy, Fluoridegate… thank you for your patience when I asked if you could condense your movie down to a couple 12 – 20 minute versions, and you didn’t laugh too hard!  
I understand more now and greatly appreciate all you are doing, including for the introduction to Kathi Justus!
There are several other American friends, dentists, doctors, chiropractors researches, who also helped us, thank you
Kathi Justus, your help and continuing contacts is very greatly and respectfully appreciated (our horses and dogs, OK Cats and hedgehogs too,  in the City thank you!)  The recent video you provided allowed me to make yet another contact and gain his permission to share his video on toxins to children.  The 7.01 minute video is well researched focused in the US, including lead information (part of the HFSA toxic cocktail added to our water!)
Here is the new video, and we have permission to use it from the author at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia (Dr. Bruce Lanphear)!  Little Things matter:
To our friends in Lethbridge, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and across Canada, thank you.
To our friends in Ireland, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand and the United Kingdom… thank-you.  I hope this Canadian win will also help you.
To each of you who have shared your world with me, thank you!
I will continue to work on the fluoridation issue in between being a single dad, and professional forester and hopefully some of what we were able to find and share will help others too.
Take Care everyone.
Emile Begin, dad.
British Columbia, Canada
Fluoride Free Prince George:
Vote No Fluoride Prince George:
Generating Urban Sentiment:

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