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By Angry Old American

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Walls and razor-wire are going back up around the Capitol and other government buildings in Washington DC. in anticipation of a protest rally on Saturday, September 18th.. The “Justice for J6” protest rally is being held to support those who were arrested and jailed for their participation in the January 6th Capitol breach. Though many January 6th Protesters have been released from jail due to lack of substantial charges, or downgrading of charges to “Parading without a license,” many others still are confined and awaiting adjudication. The hastily organized “Justice for J6” Rally was brought about by a relatively unknown non-profit group called “Look Ahead America.” Organizers describe the Rally as non-violent, and asked participants to refrain from messaging about political figures on T-Shirts, flags or signs.

Justice for J6 has been billed by CNN and other mainstream media as “White Supremacists,” “Right-Wing Extremists,” and “Pro-Trumpers” who support the “January 6th Insurrectionists;” including militia groups, the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and Three Percenters. Also, according to mainstream media, pro-democracy “peaceful counter-demonstrators” from Antifa and Black Lives Matter are also expected to attend. Because this event appeared hastily, out of the blue, attendance is expected to be small. In direct conflict to mainstream media reports, the Justice for J6 Rally has been defined as a “Death Trap” by the Proud Boys, and other groups, listed by “White Supremacist terrorism expert commentators” at CNN, consider the rally to be a False Flag operation and FBI entrapment scheme.

One hint to the credulity of the “Justice for J6” Rally being a False Flag is the fact that Congress is in Recess. Both sides of the Congressional aisle are either playing on their swings and teeter-totters, or huddled at the far corner of the playground smoking cigarettes and dope. Never mind the disaster in Afghanistan or the thousands of illegal migrants huddled under a bridge in Texas; Congress deserves their Recess.

Only time will tell if Agent Provocateurs will be among this group of “Justice for J6” protesters, as they were on January 6th. We will also learn how this event will be used to achieve political purchase over the rights of ordinary Americans like us.  Will the next “Insurrectionist” attack lead to political affiliation passports along with vaccine passports, much like the “J Passports” issued to Jews in 1939 Nazi Germany?

This previous weekend, a “National Prayer Vigil” was held at the Capitol Mall. This prayer rally was held in conjunction with memorial services throughout America to commemorate and memorialize the September 11th Attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and those that died aboard jetliners hijacked during the attacks. Some prayed earnestly this past weekend, while others puffed themselves up and gave rousing speeches to gain political points. So far, the impending “Terrorist Threat” warned about by the Department of Homeland Security has not materialized.

Why do so many groups, branded by Homeland Security as “White Supremacist” and “Patriot Extremists,” consider the “Justice for J6” Rally to be a False Flag event? Don’t they want to come-out and play? Perhaps a look back at January 6th, and the”Insurrection” that got so many people jailed, will give us the answer.

The January 6th “Stop the Steal” rally was organized to support Republican Representatives set to challenge and debate on the Floor of the House, Electoral College Votes, based on dubious ballots, during the Presidential Confirmation Hearings. On January 6th, 2021 enough prima facie evidence had been collected to question, and perhaps even delay, the confirmation of Joe Biden as President of the United States.

The Capitol breach began two hours before Donald J. Trump finished his infamous speech on the Capitol Mall. We have all heard the final excerpts from Trump’s speech that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims as the cause of the January 6th “Insurrection.” While then-President Trump was still speaking to his audience, the first challenges of the electoral votes were made. Just as these challenges were being voiced, the Capitol Police opened the perimeter gates to allow protesters to enter Capitol grounds. We still have no explanation why the Officers allowed a breach of Capitol Grounds.

Other Capitol Police then stood with their backs against the walls of the entry corridor, leading to the lobby, stairs and Capitol Rotunda; as Protesters filed calmly past them. We still have not been given an explanation why these officers did not block the corridor and stop further intrusion.

We now know that at least twenty undercover Federal Agents and their sources (agent provocateurs) were among the crowd. Their names have been redacted (stricken and kept secret) from reports about the January 6th “Insurrection;” and they were neither charged nor arrested. Those in the vanguard of the Capitol breach looked like a group of costumed circus performers. The much reported and publicized buffalo headdress wearing “Q-Anon Shaman” being just one of these colorful characters.

Congress was hastily adjourned and scurried off to safety due to this monumental “Insurrection.” Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, in her weepy award winning rendition of the saga, complete with quivering voice and boo-hoo eyes, cowered in her office, fearing for her life; her office being in a building next-door to the Capitol that protesters never entered. By the time protesters reached the Floor of Congress, it was vacant, except for a handful of Capitol Police.

Later, when Congress reconvened, Electoral College votes were uncontested. The entire Congress bemoaned an obvious attack on THEM; the very foundation of America!

The Capitol breach earlier that day, that took the life of one protester, was branded the worst attack on “Our Democracy” EVER. It was worse than the British burning of the US Capitol and the entire city of Washington DC in 1812, worse than the threat posed by General Robert E. Lee during the Civil War, worse than the Bonus Army of WWI Veterans demanding their pay, worse than the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during WWII, far far worse than the Weather Underground Marxist Terrorist bombings in the 1960s and 1970s, worse than the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing, worse than the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Massacre, worse than every school shooting in the past all rolled up together. The January 6th Insurrection was badder than the worstest of anything imaginable, and those dangerous MAGA extremists must all be hunted down and face the wrath of the United States Government! 

Some observers of this weekend’s Rally would agree with the statement about January 6th being the the worst attack on our Democracy ever. The House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, along with the House Sergeant at Arms, were responsible for security during the Confirmation Hearings. She ignored multiple intelligence warnings of impending unrest during the hearings. She refused offers for additional police and National Guard troops to provide enhanced security during the event. Why she did this will never be known.

The Trump Rally was being held at the Capitol Mall, a considerable distance away from the Capitol. Trump’s speech did not end, and the march to the Capitol did not begin, til two hours AFTER the Capitol breach. Who were these people protesting at the capitol? Was it a coincidence that the Capitol Police opened the gates to allow a breach of the Capitol at the precise moment that Electoral College Votes were being challenged? Why would the Capitol Police stand by and allow protesters to file down the entry corridor, up the stairs and into the Capitol Rotunda? Was this event an attack; or was it a staged false flag operation designed to remove all opposition to Biden’s Confirmation?

Adolf Hitler used False Flag events many times to further his cause through propaganda. One of the most famous examples was the late night “Burning of the Reichstag (German Parliament Building)” by soldiers under the command of Herman Goering. The fire was later blamed on “Jewish Insurrectionist Anarchist Terrorists.” Another example was the attack on a German radio station on the border of Poland by German Special Forces (Bilderbergers) dressed in Polish uniforms. This False Flag event led to the German military invasion of Poland that formally launched WWII.

Did the January 6th “Stop the Steal” Rally have any credence?

Since January 6th, the 2020 Election Cyber Security Symposium examined foreign hacks of voting machines throughout the United States, and found foreign interference from China in most instances. The Arizona Election Forensic Audit, and those in other States, are pointing to widespread fraud at the polls in 2020.

This coming weekend will most likely not end well; assuming anybody is dumb enough to ignore warnings and attend. This coming rally may have been orchestrated and infiltrated by the very people who masterminded the January 6th false flag event. After the Biden Administration’s surrender and subsequent debacle during the bauched evacuation in Afghanistan; the powers-that-be need an event to re-emphasize our nation’s true enemies through the propagandist eyes of mainstream media.

America’s greatest threat are those with independent critical thinking who dare to question the “Official Narrative” and the incessant droning of talking-heads on CNN and the other mainstream media Chi-Comm lapdogs. Those enemies are any patriots, MAGA members, Republicans, conservatives, and perhaps even you and me.

Don’t go looking for trouble, because you will most certainly find it. Trouble is what this Administration wants more than anything else in the world; and if it doesn’t come naturally, they will create it from scratch. If it does not come this weekend, it will come later. Be prepared for the event, and prepare for the inevitable backlash. 

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