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WHEN:   Thursday, May 7, 2020
TIME:      12 Noon
WHERE: Highway 101 North near the Fairgrounds

Retired Del Norte County Sheriff,  Dean Wilson,  has announced he is organizing a Rally expressing community dissatisfaction with Gov. Newsom’s Executive Order overreach.

Please join us in asserting our 1st Amendment right to assemble and express our freedom of speech.

I support Sheriff Wilson’s rally and I will enthusiastically join the group.  Let’s make our statement loud and clear to the Governor:


Please bring a sign of the American flag or a sign indicating your own thoughts and opinions.

Roger Gitlin, Supervisor
Dist 1
Del Norte County

One thought on “Another rally coming up to express displeasure of Gov Newsom’s overreach”
  1. Tony and Leslie Barnes will also atten the Rally on May 7,2020 in front of the Fairgrouds! We really hope to see a lot of our friends and neighbors there because it really is so important for this County to understand just how much we need to open our County …. Make a poster bring your flags ! People need to see how important this is to the Life Blood of our City. Please show everyone how much you care!

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