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By Bob Berkowitz – May 27, 2017 –

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Twilight Zone, with apologies to Rod Serling.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge to the foreign country, known as San Francisco, is like traveling to another dimension, another world if you will.  It’s a place where most voters think the same things, believe the same things and communicates the same things.  Yes, the people who live there seem to be in lock step and march to the same drummer.  They fashion themselves as members of the “resistance,” resistance to all things Trump. They can’t believe that anyone would vote for President Trump.  It’s like they are all captives of the Vulcan Mind Meld or they are a few peas short of a casserole.  They don’t know of any of their friends or neighbors who voted for the man. They wonder how he ever became president.

San Franciscans take their cue for what to think from the San Francisco media.  Not a day goes by when the San Francisco Chronicle fails to trumpet the anti-Trump message that he is not really a legitimate president because he failed to win the popular vote, or that San Franciscans will get sick and die because of his advocacy for the replacement of Obama Care, or that his new tax plan will only benefit the rich.  The Chronicle and other bay area media would hope that most San Franciscans don’t know that those proposed policies are a long way from being enacted.  Their intellect is rivaled only by recently spawned salmon eggs.

People who live in San Francisco bay area don’t realize that those who live in the rest of the country have not been captured by the left wing media outlets of fake news. They get real news and ideas from other news outlets.  I know it’s hard to believe, but the people from Humboldt, Shasta, Del Norte and over 23 other rural and semi-rural counties have access to Facebook, their own local newspapers, the Crescent City Times and hundreds of other news outlets where they can explore a number of different points of view.

The rest of the country is aware many of the president’s executive orders that have a positive effect on our lives. Take, for example, an order that directs federal agencies to ease the “regulatory burdens” of ObamaCare or an order meant to improve accountability and whistleblower protections for Veterans Affairs employees or an order meant to affirm local control of school policies and 41 other orders, the bay area media will not report on them or if they do, they are always presented with a negative spin.

Yes, in the view of those who act like sponges and absorb the bay area media hype, every day of the week is considered a bad day for President Trump because, after all, he is not their president.  In actual fact, no president who fails represent San Francisco values, could be their legitimate president.  Yes, those caught in trap of “thinkstep” will always drink the Jonestown koolaid and believe that it’s a wonder drug.

  1. Wow! What witty and insightful commentary! Supervisor Berkowitz, you are truly up there with the greats, like Bob Hope. Did I say Bob Hope? I meant Bob Dope. Glad to see you’re making such good use of the taxpayers’ time. Now maybe it’s time to grab an Ensure, change your adult diaper, and have a nap. Let people who weren’t personally acquainted with Erich Ludendorff do some actual work.

  2. Dear Bob Berkowitz,

    In what way is this helpful? Seriously. You are a Del Norte County Supervisor and you spend your time writing this? Seriously Bob, what is your point? Because I don’t see it. Yes people that live elsewhere think differently – so what? Isn’t that apart of what makes America great?

    Where’s the empathy man? I would have assumed you where a great deal more spiritually evolved than this.

    Please will you endeavor to get beyond this mud-slinging, there is important work to be done. Stop wasting your time and get on it.


    David Anderson
    Crescent City
    District 1

  3. spot on Bob Berkowitz, if only they would drink the “koolaid”. however, the problem is, the koolaid they ARE drinking is laced with LSD. hence, the twilight zone of America….

  4. The NY Times is owned predominantly by Carlos Slim, an anti-American Marxist billionaire who has used his forum to continually bash our president and our country…If that’s a “great paper” I know what political persuasion you prefer.

  5. The Chronicle is a good paper, but it was better in the 60s and 70s. The NY Times is a great paper. Crescent City is lucky to have both papers available on racks and home delivery.

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