Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Judge Doehle Refuses To Follow Simple Law

I went to Judge Doehle’s court on a legal matter, a rather simple matter that any judge or attorney should have known.  Judge Doehle got it wrong and refused to correct the legal error, forcing me to appeal.  The First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco ruled that Judge Doehle’s legal decision was wrong and reversed her decision (easily found posted by the Court of Appeals on the internet, simply Google both “Nunn” and “A139583”).  When a non-attorney such as myself is forced to appeal because the judge will not follow the law, it only makes sense to elect a judge who will. 

I believe Judge Doehle received her appointment as judge for purely political reasons under affirmative action and party affiliation, not on knowledge or experience and certainly not on her sense of fairness.  She simply doesn’t have the background necessary to make a good or fair judge and, unfortunately, I know this first hand.  As for the judicial endorsements Judge Doehle boasts of, the endorsements tell me she’s been accepted as one of the ‘ol boys’.  Judge Doehle’s bad decision has wasted my time as well as wasting valuable court time and taxpayer dollars. 

I have met candidates Darren McElfresh and Dohn Henion and have seen them in action in court.  I believe that either of these candidates, elected as our next judge, would have a much better tendency to understand and follow the law. 

Please vote for anyone but Judge Doehle.

Wes Nunn

Crescent City, Ca.

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