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By Roger Gitlin – March 24, 2021

I owe District Attorney Katie Micks an apology.

Some weeks back, I expressed my extreme displeasure with DA Micks on what I perceived as “selective prosecution” of recently-resigned City Councilor Alex Campbell, in a FB post entitled, ” A Tale of Two Alex’s.”I contended the DN District Attorney failed to move forward and prosecute City Councilor Alex Falman, who fraudulently listed his address at the home of Michael Tompkins and Patricia Black, on 3rd St. No one complained, nothing was said about the young Falman, a full time student at Humboldt State Univ. He was a reliable YES vote for the Blake Inscore machine.

I have come to learn there was an “investigation” into the genesis of Falman’s residency. The Tompkins-Black duo who participated in this fraud allowing Falman to perpetrate the fraud of City residency.

I came to learn the investigation was conducted by resigned City Police Chief Ivan Minsal. Upon the recomendation of ex-Chief Minsal, DA Micks dropped the matter and did not conduct a thorough investigation.I perceived the lack of serious prosecution of Falman was political in content and intent.

DA Micks walks a very narrow line to avoid falling into the political pit of Del Norte County. And she maintains that balance in objectivity.

Katie Micks, “…Had the ex Chief been candid and honest with you, your Office would have prosecuted Falman. I am certain the young Alex Falman would have been successfully prosecuted as your Office similarly prosecuted Alex Campbell.”

You have my apologies.

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