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Credit to – February 2, 2017 –  Numerous nursing homes in the state of California are being sued “for failing to get informed consent when they use antipsychotic drugs, as required by law.” says Attorney Joni Moore. “We learned that the families really weren’t told anything other than, ‘The doctor has ordered this medication for you; please come sign a form,’” says Moore.

In many nursing homes, patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are often given antipsychotic drugs simply to keep them quiet and placid in their new environment — even in spite of the tremendous risks they pose.

Unapproved and Unsafe

Antipsychotic drugs have never been approved for use in dementia or Alzheimer’s patients by the FDA, but the practice remains frighteningly common. Approximately one-third of dementia patients who spend at least 100 days in a nursing facility will be given some type of antipsychotic — roughly 300,00 people each year.

One of her clients was a Ms. Kathi Levine, whose mother Patricia Thomas, had Alzheimer’s disease. Thomas had appeared to be doing well until she had a nasty fall and fractured her pelvis. After a brief hospital stay, Thomas went to a nursing home for rehabilitation. Within a week of her arrival at the facility, “[S]he was in a wheelchair, slumped over, sucking on her hand, mumbling to herself, completely out of it, not even aware that I was there.”

Thomas was so out of it, she was unable to participate in her rehabilitation exercises, so she was discharged. It was then that her daughter learned that the nursing home had loaded her mother up on heavy-duty antipsychotics. Ms. Thomas had been prescribed both Risperdal and Haldol — two very strong drugs. It is worth noting that this drug combination is known to be potentially life-threatening to begin with. She never spoke again and two months after being discharged, she passed away.

Levine and her attorney, Moore filed a class-action lawsuit against the nursing home and a settlement was eventually reached.

To read the entire article, go to Natural Prescription euthanasia: Elderly being killed off by antipsychotic drugs… is it on purpose? By Vicki Batts

Note by Editor:  The two antipsychotics mentioned in the article are fluoridated. Risperdal can cause young boys to develop female breast tissue—a condition known as gynecomastia. As a result, thousands have filed lawsuits against manufacturer Johnson & Johnson.

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