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By Samuel Strait – July 1, 2020

 I don’t know how often I’ve read or heard the following moronic
statement and have given it a pass because of the gulp! gulp! sincerity
behind the hysteria of the person delivering the message.  Makes me
wonder how often the child in what is supposed to be adults, at least by
age if anything else, bubbles to the surface when they realize, if they
ever do, what a completely idiotic utterance they have allowed to pass
their lips.  It follows that I have left it up to Bill in a recently
posted comment on the CrescentCityTimes web page to illustrate the insanity.

From Bill “And let’s hear it for Governor Newsom for having the
courage to order you to wear a mask to prevent you from killing others. 
And yes, killing others is a crime.”  Of course I’m quite sure that Bill
is very proud of his obvious virtue signaling, and even thinks that it
makes him feel very grown up.  However with all things that sound
virtuous, it takes the mental maturity to understand that it can only be
virtuous if it in fact is true. More often than not modern virtue
signalers know very little beyond the pandering that they seem to wish
to emulate, let alone be able to make an informed and thoughtful critic.

As in Bill’s statement, it predicates that he knows for certain the
following.   First, that I have the Wuhan virus, second that I am
infectious, third that I have been anywhere near someone I can pass it
off to, and finally that the person is in such a state that they may die
from the virus.  Of course since Bill doesn’t know any of that, his
claim immediately becomes suspect.  What Bill also doesn’t realize is
that his faith in Governor Newsom is badly misplaced, for the Governor
could care less that the citizens of California stay at home, social
distance, or wear masks.  His goal is to remain as a petty little
dictator for as long as possible in order to experience the thrill of
absolute power for as long as possible.  He is more likely to learn in
the very near future that his meddling has made the situation far worse.

While Bill, being the good little boy that he must for his hero, has
failed to engage his brain to ask the simplest of questions that seemed
to have eluded so many adults in this time of Pandemic.  When you look
at the most recent numbers of those that have been tested as positive
for the virus, after five months, it still remains at well under one
percent of the over all population of the United States.  It has a
mortality rate that is plummeting faster than the Titanic on its final
dive, likely soon to reach that of the common flu at one tenth of a
percent.  Those are just a few of the numbers that are at odds with the
continuing media and political hysteria that “We are all going to die!”.
For Bill’s sake let us hope that he does not die from mental anguish
over absent face masks, from the Wuhan virus, not likely.

Perhaps it may ease Bill’s mental anxiety to know that most who have
tested positive have few or no symptoms of the virus and have an
extremely remote chance of passing it on.  Most of those that remain,
are unlikely to be wandering around the community to spread the virus,
unless they are like Bill who must think that kissing strangers, or
being asked to cough in their face is a practical way of sharing the
pleasure of the virus.  Let face masks reign.

It appears that contact surfaces are out as a means of transmission, and
remaining inside, as in lockdowns or stay at home orders, are also not
particularly a successful strategy.   It has been some time since the
peak of infections occurred  in the first week of April, yes, nearly
three months ago, yet we are still being regaled nightly with warnings
of troubles from the virus ahead.  Couldn’t possibly be from the
extended time that the virus was allowed to remain in the population due
to lockdowns could it?  Or from social distancing and face masks? 
Couldn’t possibly mean that the media and the monkey’s dressed up as
medical experts were wrong?  Never!  What heresy!  Then, again, it seems
that we are not through with what doesn’t work as rumblings of returning
to lockdowns that are ineffective and mandatory face masks and social
distancing are to continue.   I guess we must all resort to filling the
street in protest as that seems to be the only solution to replace
economic chaos, spikes in suicides, increased opioid deaths, and spousal
abuse in the news.  Perhaps that will satisfy our reliance on the
Pandemic to fill the nightly news and the lack of attention by those in
authority to control the chaos in the streets of major metropolitan
cities.    At what point are the adults in the country going to say
enough already. What you are doing doesn’t work, will not work, and let
us treat it like a virus that it is….

There was this urge to continue on with much more which squarely places
this nonsense in the category it should be, utter nonsense with the
intent of power hungry politicians and the media, including FOX, to
dictate and be meaningful only to themselves. Nobody seems to have
gotten the message that this is nothing that hasn’t happened before,
without resorting to lockdowns, social distancing, and face masks.  GIVE

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