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By Jeff McCaddon – April 22, 2021

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The entire United States is a hostile environment for Law Enforcement Officers. The United States Government is run by the American Mainstream Media and the Pop Culture values they represent. Mainstream Media, in turn, derives a majority of its international revenues from their largest market; Chinese media outlets controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Hollywood scripts are openly censored by the CCP which dominates the financing of most feature films. The CCP also controls the content of most television programming and the content of major news publications and broadcasts.

Members of the Chinese Communist Party represent only 8% of the population of China. A vast majority of the Chinese people have been as clueless as most Americans regarding slave labor concentration camps or forced organ transplants. Such is the fate of all repressed societies that are manipulated by strictly controlled propaganda and social programming.

The Framers of our Constitution established a “Republic.” Republics protect the rights of their citizens. Democracies, on the other hand, are a tyranny of the masses. Democracies are not ruled by “The People;” but rather by those who can scream the loudest and sway the most opinions. In modern societies, Democracies are ruled by mainstream and social media. Is it any wonder that our Democrats in the White House, Congress and Senate all support the communist Woke Agenda?

We live in the most “Woke” American State; where our California elected officials sold out to Chinese financial interests long ago. Our County and City governments are not much better, with officials and managers dependent on California mooch money; who bend the knee, bow their heads and raise power fists to every whim by Governor Newsom and Representatives from the Radical Left.

There literally is no longer any justice in our American legal system. Since the introduction of the CCP Covid-19 bio-weapon, the United States has been the focus of both Mainstream and Online Media “News” consisting of misinformation, communist propaganda, and suppression of facts contrary to the “Woke” agenda. Six mainstream media and three online media mega-corporations control over 90% of our conventional and online media. Mainstream Media is financially dependent on the Chinese market, and a bulk of their advertisers are likewise dependent on either Chinese consumers or cheap Chinese slave labor.

Google was instrumental in establishing the CCP’s draconian online mass-surveillance and enforcement “Social Credit System.” Along with Facebook and Twitter, Google and YouTube have collected mountains of information on US citizens, and are censoring or banning any opinions that do not conform to the Leftist Party-line. These media powers have brought a Maoist style Cultural Revolution to America. Mainstream and Social media have fomented open rebellion and violent riots, looting, arson, and mayhem in the guise of “Almost Peaceful Protests.”

Our Police have been vilified along with the rule of law and due process. Mob rule and a lynch-mob mentality now pervade the streets, and the news coverage about “Police Atrocities” are being used to incite violence and inflame hatred in America’s homes.

Now, our spineless Executive, Legislative and “Judicial” branches are seeking an outright ban on our Law Enforcer’s use of firearms, in addition to stripping the rest of us of our rights to posses firearms for self-defense.

Under the guise of “Easing Pandemic Overcrowding,” dangerous criminals are being released from jails and prisons. While the outright murder of law enforcement officers go unreported; the media lambasts and exaggerates any infringement of criminal rights that remotely has the potential to promote the narrative of “Racism.” Law Enforcement, by their very nature, have been determined to be “Racist” agents of the “White Privilege System.” What do the pundits for “Black Genocide at the Hands of Police” base their beliefs on? Lies; baseless statistics repeated over and over again. Lies, and suppression of any facts or events that do not support their cultural revolutionary narrative.

What precisely is their narrative? America and Constitutional Rights are inherently evil and must be overthrown by hook-and-crook, or by force of violence on the streets if needed.

To what end is this narrative being promoted? For Cultural Revolution as a way to create “Equality” through redistribution of wealth and “privilege.” According to our media-driven Woke agenda, we need to be more like Communist China; less rights, more stringent government controls, and an all-powerful centralized government.

Before the jury deliberated Derek Chauvin’s  George Floyd “Murder Case,” crowds outside the courtroom demanded a conviction of guilt. These crowds of Antifa and Black Lives Matter Movement agitators threatened to riot, loot, and burn if a conviction was not forthcoming. The jury was aware of these threats because the Defense request to sequester them during the trial was denied. Many Democrat politicians likewise publicly supported a guilty conviction as the only way to prevent further violence on the streets. These same lynch-mob tactics were used by Blue-Dog Democrat politicians in the South when they supported enraged mobs of KKK. Racism is racism, and it matters little to Democrats or Communists what race they support or oppose during their “Color Revolution.”

We now reside somewhere between “Bonfire of the Vanities” and “Wag the Dog.” The aim of the Radical Left is “Police Reform” to the point of anarchy. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went so far as to thank George Floyd for dying during a televised news conference. This is the same Nancy Pelosi who cared so much about Mr. Floyd that she announced the “George Kirby” Police Reform Bill.

I cannot imagine wearing a badge in this environment. Sure, there are still people with traditional values that support law enforcement and are thankful that they exist. Yet there are so many forces that are openly hostile. We have local governments run by spineless Democrats and RINOs that would sell-out their Officers in a New-York-minute if a local controversial story ever got national attention from mainstream media.

What happens when people abandon a social order and those who enforce it? Those who serve that social order abandon them!

Good solid officers have resigned en-mass in every Democrat run Woke city in America where officers have been abandoned to lynch-mob rule. Those that remain, refuse to enforce laws in the face of unrealistic working conditions contrived by political social justice warriors who know nothing about law enforcement.

Are our local Police nuts? If they were strictly self-serving, and they were only working for a paycheck, then the answer would be yes. In many jurisdictions, Polices Officers can lose their paycheck, face civil forfeiture of everything they worked a lifetime to acquire, and lose their freedom over the slightest mistake. I am not talking about unjustified shootings; but poor traffic stops or mistakes in ordinance enforcement.

Who would work under such conditions? In Utah, non-Citizens are now allowed to wear a badge. In time, we can expect Felons to wear a badge in Leftist jurisdictions desperate to fill positions. If we allow continued persecution of law enforcement, we might even expect the same quality of policing that is found in third world countries. Gangs of thugs with badges will roam the streets, controlling drugs, human trafficking, and running protection rackets on businesses and homeowners for extra income.

If we do not protect the good officers that we have now, we will ultimately lose them. If we do not push back against the CCP overthrow of the United States, then we will lose law and order along with everything else of value.

How do we push back? We can send the powers behind-the-throne a message by canceling our cable TV, or at least stop patronizing any mainstream media news or “programs.” Quit attending all Hollywood blockbuster movies at theaters or on pay-per-view, and stop buying or downloading Woke pop music, or consuming “Woke Sports.” Drop out of Facebook and Twitter and stop using Google or YouTube. The powers-that-be might take notice if we don’t buy from Amazon or other online mega-stores. If we stop patronizing Woke business Franchises or buying the products like Woke-A-Cola, they might get a hint that we are serious. Sending nasty-grams to these mega-corporations is ten times more effective than writing to the government that serves them.

Though government involvement is critical toward making a lasting change for the better. Let your voice be heard in local government meetings through written or phone public comments. Email your opinions to the President and your representatives in Congress and the Senate. 

Take a personal public stand against the Woke cultural revolutionaries in this community. Sure, you might piss-off your neighbors and most of our local movers-and-shakers. Most folk will “Go with the Flow;” even if that flow is straight into the pit of Hell. Those of us with rational independent thinking have as much a right to our opinions as those who follow the Pied Piper of mainstream media and pop culture.

Let our local cops know that you appreciate them. Let our local government leaders, elected officials and managers know that you DO NOT APPRECIATE THEM. These crooked institutional psychopaths have starved the muscle and fed the fat for decades. After getting tax increases for emergency services in 2020, they created a committee to find other ways to spend the money. Now they want “fee increases” for emergency services that they still refuse to support.  

Wise up Citizens of Del Norte. Don’t let yourselves be duped by the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpieces in mainstream media. Stand-up on your two feet and refuse to kneel, bow your head and raise a fist. Support Law Enforcement and Emergency Services, not Big Government.

One thought on “Are Our Police Nuts?”
  1. Jeff,
    good article, however there are bad cops (I read they represent a high percentage of sociopaths)
    Case in Point..The Blackhawk Pistol story…brought to to the County by Bob Barber 2011, with a cast of many Law Enforcement and Judicial types following later….

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