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By Donna Westfall – April 30, 2021

Now that illegal President Biden has stated in his speech of April 28th that the January 6th run on the capitol was a greater tragedy than 9/11, we can all realize that this fool is taking our country down the wrong path. His historic deficit spending with increases in welfare and projected increases in taxes are speeding our country into the arms of Socialism on it’s way to Communism with BIG GOVERNMENT the end goal.

Illegal President Biden should know that national lockdowns and social distancing measures due to Covid-19 are drying up work and incomes for American’s. With business closures, some temporary and some permanent, unemployment is bound to increase dramatically. Economic Stimulus Checks are not going to keep pace with month-in and month-out needs. Who knows how long Last Chance Grade will continue to be a problem or if it will some day wind up in the ocean? When roads are cut off and supply routes cut off leavings thousands in Del Norte County to worry about where our food will come from who knows when the shortages will increase, and prices rise due to inflation and we’re not just talking toilet paper and disinfectant shortages. Basics like foo and, water must become the priority because as we’ve witnessed, taking care of illegal aliens is more important to illegal President Biden than addressing the problems of Americans.

In addition; the reason to start preparing NOW is because shipping and trucking is approaching a virtual Bermuda triangle type disaster. Remember when that container ship, Ever Given, got stuck in the Suez Canal? According to Epic Economist “Transporters had to respond by canceling sailings that were scheduled on these late ships. Earlier this month that many of these sailings will likely be delayed for longer than forecasted, and the altered schedules have been forcing transporters to unload cargo at incorrect ports as they attempt to rapidly turn ships around and get shipping containers back to Asia, according to The Loadstar.”

“Container ships’ logjam at US ports isn’t helping to ease that situation. Even though the number of container ships stuck at anchor off Los Angeles and Long Beach is down to around 20 per day, from 30 a few months ago, it doesn’t mean the capacity crunch in the trans-Pacific market is improving.”

Nerijus Poskus, vice president of Global Ocean at freight forwarder Flexport, warned the supply chain problem is “not getting better. It’s only getting worse,” he told American Shipper in an interview. “What I’m seeing is unprecedented. We are seeing a tsunami of freight,” he reported. Del Norters are definitely familiar with tsunami’s. This bears no further explanation. Let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty.

What to do?

Always try to grow some of your own food. If not, for whatever reason, then start shopping for food items that contain calories, shelf life and convenience that last years:


Recently I learned why my falafels never turned out. I had been using canned garbanzo beans instead of dried beans. Soak them overnight, then throw them in the good processor with all the other ingredients and they turn out perfect. Dried beans can last up to 10 years.

Besides falafels, multi-bean salad is a great addition to any meal. Cooked beans mixed with meat or poultry are a hearty, satisfying meal. Even though it takes longer to cook, these last forever.


Can be purchased in huge 25 to 50 pound sacks. Our family loves Jasmine rice. We buy them in five pound bags and put them in large plastic containers. On top of the lid, I write down the expiration date. Not brown rice. It has oils in it and will go rancid, but still good for six months. Refrigerated it will last up to a year.


White sugar actually lasts indefinitely, although most sites say two years. But if you keep that sugar in a container, it may clump up a bit, but it’s perfectly good for years. Brown sugar, 18 months.


Lasts indefinitely as long as it’s not opened. Lasts up to 2 years in the refrigerator once it is opened. We purchase them in the glass bottles and only 100% pure maple syrup.


Salt with iodine in it spoils quicker, however it will still last up to five years.. Kosher salt does not have iodine in it. Keep it dry in a water tight, air tight container. Natural salt lasts indefinitely.


Did you know the body can only last 3 days without water? Water stored in plastic bottles, kept in a dry, cool, dark place last indefinitely.


Lasts for centuries. Local honey is really the best.


Keep in a dark, cool place. It can be used for a multitude of things in cooking but also used in cleaning. It can be used to pickle fruits and vegetables, also good for sauces and marinades. Vinegar is self preserving.

Not the imitation type. Only pure will last.


Great for baking and sauces. Lasts indefinitely, as long as it’s kept in it’s original container with the lid re-sealed.


As long as you keep it sealed, it lasts forever.


Unopened dry pasta can last indefinitely although the box expiration date says two years. But it will lose quality over time. An opened box will last one year.


As long as you keep it sealed it lasts forever.


Some are labeled with a 25 year shelf life. It’s got a lot of additives, but faced with no milk or having powered milk, you chose. You can freeze it and it will last indefinitely. Carnation non-fat dry milk scores the tastiest.


Can last up to 2 years in a cool, dry place. If kept in the refrigerator, it can last indefinitely.


Besides having a long shelf life, they also contain water and nutrients which can be so important.


Compared to whole wheat and gluten free varieties, white flour lasts the longest as long as it’s sealed properly, refrigerated or frozen.


While you can probably survive on bread, it’s important to have fruits in your diet. While fresh fruits can last you a week or two; if you can’t get ahold of any, canned or dried is the next best alternative. Canned fruits can lasts one to two years beyond it’s expiration date.


Good for years and years.

You never know when survival food will be needed due to any type of calamity. Shop wisely, stock up and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Are shortages coming? Is it time to hoard food? What food to hoard?”
  1. Great addition to Donna’s article. We at the CCTIMES could use more informative comments which enrich the article produced. Wonderful way to be productive and add to the basic body of knowledge.

  2. Excellent article Donna. However, I take exception to the term “Hoarding.” Up until the mid 20th Century, when people grew and processed a bulk of their own food, most homes had generous pantries filled with dry goods and items canned from the garden. This was not hoarding; but rather a common way of life when trips to the market were done only once a month.

    It is also important to remember that FEMA recommends that every home be stocked with a minimum two week supply of food and water for most emergencies. In the case of a power grid failure caused by Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) or cyber-attack, FEMA recommends a minimal six months supply of food, and a rain water harvesting and purification system. Natural disasters and public unrest have reached such extremes that not “hoarding” the minimum recommended supplies for emergencies is both foolish and irresponsible.

    There was one category of food that I found missing from your list; Sprouting Seeds! Seeds are the most concentrated source of nutrition that a plant has to offer. Once sprouted, that nutritional value grows exponentially. Most folks are familiar with Mung Bean sprouts bought at the market for Asian dishes, or Alfalfa Sprouts for salads. Yet there is a large array of seeds commonly available for sprouting. Seeds for Beets, Broccoli, Spinach, Radishes, and Turnips are available by the pound, and a teaspoon full of seeds will fill a one quart canning jar with sprouts in just a week or two. Simply expose them to sunlight from a window a couple days before harvesting, and these sprouts will become green with chlorophyl. This is a perfect solution to provide fresh salads during Winter. Of course, these seeds also can be planted in the ground the following Spring.

    Those beans that you mentioned in your article can also be sprouted or planted. So can Whole Grain Rice and Hard Winter Wheat. There is growing interest in the Natural Health Community in growing “Micro—Greens.” This consists of planting seeds densely in trays, and then harvesting the tops by hand every week or two, similar to ‘mowing a lawn.’ The fresh young growth will have much more nutritional value that it’s mature counterpart. They can be used in salads or added to homemade vegetable juice.

    One caution is to find a reputable source for your whole grains, seeds and beans. If the grains, seeds or beans have been irradiated to kill micro-organisms, then they will be sterile (DEAD) and incapable of growth. You will want only viable (LIVE) grains, seeds and beans.

    Those who have a home garden should also learn and practice harvesting, drying and storing their own seeds. Be sure to grow only Heirloom varieties and avoid hybrids due to sterility. Simply choose your strongest and most robust plants of each variety, and let them go to seed. Some seeds will require special handling, and there are books and websites that address these issues. Be sure to learn this skill so you will never be dependent on seed catalogs ever again.

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