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By Angry Old American

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When examining the delusional Religion of “Wokeness,” it is hard to fathom that such mass lunacy could exist. Yet, such sociological breaches of logic, zealous intellectual intolerance, and “experimental” moral extremism have existed many times in the past. In recent history, these ideological rebellions and cultural revolutions have resulted in moral decay, civil war, economic collapse, untold cruelty, and genocides. During the 20th and 21st Centuries the human race experienced the Bolshevik Revolution, Stalin’s Show-Trial Purges, the Nazi Holocaust, Mao’s Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward, Pol Pot’s Cambodian Killing Fields, Bosnian Ethnic Cleansing, and the Hutu genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda; plus many smaller examples of social extermination. Each time, a sizable portion of the victim population maintained that “It cannot happen here; it cannot happen to me!”

A study of these past manifestations of human madness give us clues to the origin of today’s “Woke” morality. Most of the “experimental” moral religions of the past century originated with dogmatic political doctrines;  Marxism, Stalinism, Fascism, Nazism, and Maoism being a few examples. These doctrines eventually received the financial support of self-serving profit-driven entities that stood to gain from munitions sales and and opportunities rising from economic turmoil, civil war, and the extermination of large populations. Once sufficient media support is purchased, wholesale indoctrination and propaganda follows. Enemies are created, persecution and moral superiority are created or magnified, and the need for immediate action is emphasized to the point of violent revolution.  Ultimately, a “Final Solution” is sold to a public inflamed by hate and a sense of self-righteous indignation. That Final Solution normally results in the extermination of millions of men, women and children according to race, ethnicity, politics or religion.

Are the “Woke” corrupt? Certainly those orchestrating and funding such movements would meet that definition. Major Corporations and Financiers who support the Woke Ideology could care less about the underlying moral dogma; they simply stand to profit from economic turmoil subsequent to social upheaval. In the case of our Woke rebellion, financial and industrial entities invested heavily in China, and they rely on profits gained from slave labor. Such moral issues as forced-labor concentration camps for political prisoners of conscience and China’s ethnic Uyghur minority, or forced live organ harvesting from the Falun Gong, represent good business practices. Human beings are simply tools or commodities to be bought as cheaply as possible, or sold at a profit. If only the entire world’s news media could be gagged as efficiently as China’s, then complications like public outrage over such cold-blooded behavior would simply go-away. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has paid America’s news media outlets and social media gate-keepers hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to spread their propaganda and to stem the voice of reason. The CCP has also used financial support, bribes, blackmail, intimidation, censoring and ostracism to control the US Cinema, Music, Sports, Entertainment media and their Pop Culture Icons.

China’s Social Credit System with Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven mass surveillance, and enforcement of behavior modification, are likewise considered sound investments by the world’s uber-rich. If the whole world could operate with such ruthless efficiency as the People’s Republic of China, all the better for the bottom-line of the financial elites.

Most large financial entities maintain ties to organized crime in the course of doing business. Indeed, many corporations operate by the same self-serving principles as organized crime groups. By law, the decisions of Corporate CEOs and boards of directors must support rising profits for the Corporation and shareholders; irregardless of moral or ethical concerns. Both Corporations and Organized Crime Groups are in essence Psychopathic; bereft of both morality and conscience. Thus there is a close amoral “understanding” between Wall Street and those who traffic in drugs and humans, or profit from gambling, prostitution, theft, extortion, and other illegal rackets. The primary difference between Mexican Cartels and International Pharmaceutical Companies being the “legality” of their enterprises. Wall Street and high finance either buy or compromise politicians, bureaucrats or judges to alter laws as a way to legitimize their white collar criminal operations.

Since the release of the genetically engineered Covid-19 from a laboratory in Wuhan China, government leaders have redistributed wealth from the middle-classes into the pockets of the top one percent of society. Lockdowns and stay-at-home orders benefited Walmart and Amazon at the expense of small mom & pop shops. Support of “Defund the Police” movements led to further destruction of commercial retail shops and Amazon’s enrichment. The recent adoption of mandatory “Vaccination Passports” is just one example of government putting tens of billions of dollars of pharmaceutical profits in corporate pockets.

The “Pandemic” and fraud laden mail-in ballots led to a complete government take-over by one political party. Since the Biden Administration took office, additional policies have been enacted to enrich the top one percent of society. One example is the near shutdown of agricultural exports to China, with shipping containers returning from the USA empty. This agricultural apocalypse is causing small farmers to face foreclosure; and coincidentally is happening at at time when Bill Gates is accumulating a monopoly on agricultural land. Likewise, the eviction moratoriums have stripped over $20 billion from small landlords and driven many into foreclosure. These foreclosures are happening when Blackrock, Vanguard and other huge institutional investors are buying entire neighborhoods. These institutional investors, having the same status as banks, borrow money directly from the Federal Reserve at prime rate. With negative interest prime rates, institutional investors are literally being paid to borrow. Average prospective homeowners further down the food chain must borrow at 2% or 3%. Is it any wonder that there are bidding wars for homes, and that the institutional investors are the winners?

Perhaps the most striking exertion of financial power by “The Club” has been the total compromise and corruption of mainstream media. Over 90% of all television, radio, print publications, movie and music productions, theme parks, and sports franchises are owned and controlled by six corporations. The “Programming” and “News Spin” from these outlets have been coordinated to sway public opinion and capture votes. Is it any surprise that Hollywood caves-in to the dictates of the Chinese Communist Party when China represents their largest market? The CCP and their US Corporation allies control the opinions of celebrities and social icons that they employ; and failure to support “Woke” morality equates to professional suicide. Much of the psychological programming by mainstream media is accomplished by a psychological phenomenon known as “The Pygmalion Effect.” In Greek Mythology, Pygmalion was a sculptor who so loved his female sculpture that it came to life. The Pygmalion Effect arises when people believe so strongly in an outcome, that the “perceived” demeanor and reactions of the target actually creates that outcome. Through subtle repetitive suggestion, the “mockingbird media” can create affection, disdain, or a complete moral and ethical mindset. This has been done in most totalitarian countries, where allegiance to a tyranny overshadows the value of personal rights and freedoms. It has been done here through the CIA’s “Operation Mockingbird,” and continues to be done to this day. Repeat and reinforce

the concept that “Racism” is everywhere, and people will look everywhere for Racism. They will find it in Dr. Seuss, the Muppets, Winnie the Pooh, Mr. Potato Head, and Band-aids. The resulting programmed demeanor of resentment and anger by the Woke toward “White Supremacist Haters” logically illicit reactions of either indignation or indifference from their target; thus reinforcing their core belief.  Creating the impression of mass social consensus is not a hard thing to accomplish when controlling 90% of news outlets and social media.

Enforcement of the Woke Religion is being accomplished by cancel-culture thought-police. In China they are called the “Fifty Cent Army,” and troll both social and mainstream media to remove unwanted ideas. Many media corporations are abandoning or outright deleting archived movies, television and radio shows due to “offensive content.” Pornography and slasher horror films appear to be exceptions to Woke cancel-culture; most probably because of their “artistic” merit and “social significance.”

Likewise, the “Big Tech” monopolists of Silicon Valley, who control Social Media and Search Engines, have supported the new Woke Religion. Google was instrumental in establishing the computer algorithms that led to China’s draconian Social Credit System. A similar surveillance and censorship regime already exists in the United State thanks to cooperative information sharing between Google, Facebook and Twitter. Through collection of customer data, and subsequent profiling of the
“UN-Woke,” “Reactionary,” “Counter-Revolutionary” pro-capitalist news sources are identified, punished, or outright eliminated. Conservative news is faced by selective denial of advertising and revenue, censorship, outright platform bans, social ostracism, canceled contracts, loss of employment, and boycotts of goods or services. The only difference between the Corporate Social Credit System practiced in the United State, and that in China, is the severity of punishment. In China, breaches of Social Credit can result in removal of access from public utilities and services, confiscation of wealth and property, imprisonment, forced labor, execution and forced organ transplants. We shall see what punishments will come from the show trials during the US Congress’ “January 6th Commission.”

Because of the transition from printed materials to digital, our society has become increasingly reliant upon the internet. The Big-Tech Monopolists have taken traditional book-burning to a new level. Online archives are being scrubbed of anything remotely offensive to Woke cancel-culture.  In June of 2021, Microsoft deleted all photos from its “Bing” Search Engine server related to “Tank Man” at the 1989 Tienanmen Square, Beijing massacre. For those too young to remember, “Tank Man” was the iconic figure that stopped a column of tanks by standing unarmed in front of them. Now “Tank Man” has ceased to exist on Bing, as have most references to a Tienanmen Square “massacre.” As reported by Tucker Carlson of FOX News in August of 2021, the New York Times, long a repository of historical record, was recently caught deleting propagandist content that the CCP paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to have published as fact. The CCP also paid a total of over twenty million dollars to the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and Twitter for similar services. Then there are the “Woke” conformists at  the Wayback Machine, and the archives of the US Library of Congress, maintaining documents collected from history. Websites and digitized documents are being purged of anything that does not conform to our new irrational Woke morality. Politicians are always quick to serve the needs of both “The Club,” the mainstream media, and the population who’s hearts-and-minds they control. Simply look at the US Congress to realize that the primary function of politicians is to funnel graft to their cronies. If a Bill of Legislation has media instigated popular support, then it is sure to be packed with “Pork” for their contributors. Career politicians are morally and ethically bankrupt, power-driven and pragmatic. Legal “Corruption” of politicians is normally accomplished by either bribes in the form of “contributions,” or extortion through evidence of moral compromise. Backroom deals and exchanges of votes between

representatives are considered to be “normal politics;” exempt from prosecution. The very mention of political collusion and conspiracy invites the typical “Conspiracy Theory” backlash from the controlled media and immediate exoneration of the accused. Even in the face of outright blatant election fraud in 2020, these politicians will turn a blind-eye in order to maintain their existing power.

Our Legal System is as amoral and pragmatic as our political establishment. The term “Justice System” should be abandoned because it has had little to do with “justice” for such a long time. Most Higher Court Judges are political appointees beholding to those who handed them power. Judges are also mindful of the will of a population ruled by the dictates of mass media; which in turn is owned and operated by “The Club.” Wokeness has influenced judicial decisions to such an extent that prosecutors in many large cities simply release criminals without a trial. Shoplifting has become an epidemic means to extract “reparations” for past “injustice.” Unless a criminal case has “News Worthiness” related to “Political Significance” and furthering the Woke propaganda agenda, it is swept under the rug.

Are the “Woke” insane? To answer this question requires a sociological examination of “Sanity.” In his book “The Sane Society,” the social psychologist Eric Fromm reasoned that there is a grave difference between “Normality” and “Sanity.” “Normal” is a statistical term, with the “Norm” represented by a simple majority at the top of a Bell Curve. Sanity, on the other hand, includes the ability to reason, think independently, and act in a healthy fashion. The Marxist, Stalinist, Fascist, Nazi, Maoist and other extremist regimes mentioned earlier were all “Normal;” but were not remotely “Sane.“

Human beings are driven to conform to a Social Norm, and this has been the foundation for “Social Engineering” through indoctrination, propaganda and other forms of social psychological programming. For many decades, the American Educational System has been used for social indoctrination that conforms to the Frankfurt School of Socialist dogma. The Frankfurt School spawned both Nazism and Critical Race Theory (CRT). The “Six Corporations,” who control 90% of all publishing houses, also choose authors who write school textbooks. Thus “The Club” has been instrumental in pushing their agenda through indoctrination in public schools and private universities. 

Unfortunately, the new “experimental” Woke Religion of enlightenment is not the utopian panacea that it is represented to be. Much of it is a carbon-copy rehash of doctrines that have led to societal collapses many times in the past. The young and naive, without experiencing sufficient personal history, and bereft of legitimate written history, are quick to grasp and accept the Woke ideology. Elders are not so easily swayed. The language of Woke dogma has been manipulated similar to what George Orwell’s book “1984” called “New Speak.” Lies can be sold as truth to those without a foundation of independent rational thinking, logic and rhetoric. Experience and common sense require PROOF from those “Scientists” that postulate grand theories; especially when these theories require drastic social change. Yet, “Scientists” and their findings can be bought via “Research Funding” and “Endowments.” If the “Scientific” research results offend the itinerary of those that pay for it, then their controlled media can refuse to publish those findings.

Are the “Woke” simply stupid? Again, we can thank the “Six Corporations,” who control 90% of all publications, for confusing the issue. Along with newspaper chains, magazines, bibles and textbooks, these publishers also control the content of Dictionaries; and thus the legitimacy of our “New Speak” Woke language. There is a vast difference between “Ignorance” and “Stupidity.” Ignorance, in the “Olden Days” referred to knowing the truth; but ignoring that truth. Stupidity, on the other hand, referred to never acquiring knowledge in the first place. Thanks to most New Speak Dictionaries, the two definitions of Ignorance and Stupidity have been conveniently reversed.

Yet, both Ignorance and Stupidity would apply to those who pursue this new enlightened Woke Religion. Many of those within “The Club,” Mainstream and Social Media, professional politics and our legal system know the truth; but corrupted by their own self-interests, they choose to act contrary to the moral and ethical responsibilities dictated by this truth. This group of scoundrels and scalawags fit the classical definition of ignorance. There is no innocence among the ignorant, because ignorance requires premeditated choice.

Most of those who were raised, indoctrinated, programmed, and propagandized through social engineering do not have a clue what is true. Truth is what they have been taught in school, watch on TV, hear in their music. The “Normal” society that they live within is right and “good.” Like the movie “The Matrix,” they are stuck within a manufactured reality; and they are oblivious; innocent and “stupid.” If history provides a blueprint for our future, this socially engineered consensus programming will eventually lead to mass psychosis resulting in millions of deaths. Stupidity has the grace of innocence; but it ultimately leads to regrets and guilt once the truth be known and moral conscience takes hold.

In Nazi Germany, most Germans were clueless of the Holocaust. Only a small percentage of Germans were members of the Nazi Party, and even less were members of the SS or Gestapo. A majority of the German People were filled with regret, remorse and anger after learning the truth.

Likewise, the Chinese People, because of a tightly controlled media, are clueless of slave-labor camps, genocide and forced live organ transplants. Only 8% of China’s population are members of the Chinese Communist Party; and even fewer are truly “In the Know.” The Chinese people will be filled with regrets, remorse and anger should they ever learn the truth; if they ever learn the truth.

Will our own “Woke” society learn the truth before it is too late? Will they continue to follow the Pied Piper of mainstream media and Pop Culture to buy the messages of resentment and hate? Will the Woke follow down the path of so many other tyrannies? Will they stand idly-by while family, friends and neighbors endure atrocities and genocide? Even worse, will they become informers? Will they actively participate in these genocides?

More important than corruption, insanity or stupidity; will the Woke eventually develop a conscience? Will the “Woke” have the human capacity of introspection, remorse, guilt or shame for THEIR OWN ACTIONS?

4 thoughts on “Are the “Woke” Corrupt, Insane, or Stupid?”
  1. Angry Old American has written a fine, informative article. It is time to really WAKE UP, folks! I don’t know who gave those embracing these ideas & actions (which AOA expounds upon), the name “WOKE” but that seems a misnomer. They need a more descriptive title. How about “1984”; or “BRAVE NEW WORLD”; or “ANIMAL FARM”; or “IN A STUPOR”? After all, we’ve already seen “leaders” promoting this type of thought-control in many parts of our world; leaders such as HITLER, LENIN, STALIN, MUSSOLINI, MAO, POL POT, to name a few. Will people never learn from History? Oh, but I digress and ask…is History even being taught in our public schools?? I’d better research that.

  2. D. All of the above. The only thing more galactically retarded about this nonsense term is the pople who claim they are. Our country is now in full retard mode.

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