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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello, October 26, 2020 –

We have a week or less to the November election.  I have watched and listened to the debates, have heard commentary on both liberal and conservative talk shows, and it is only one side which really tells us the truth about the significance of the upcoming presidential election and only as an aside.

While Joe Biden would have you believe we should concentrate on personality, as if his “stab you in the back while smiling to your face” persona has never been witnessed before, if one truly understands Donald Trump, Joe is even a loser in this arena.  Many of us can’t handle being told the truth and certainly not in a direct fashion.

I will admit Trump has never bothered me with his demeanor and the reason is obvious in that we both say exactly what is on our mind.  The difference between us is that Trump doesn’t explain why he says what he says and I spell it out which somehow falls on deaf ears and blind eyes.

This election isn’t about the man.  It is a choice between freedom or plantation slavery, free market capitalism and boil the frog slowly communism, and individualism versus being a cog in the machine benefiting only those at the top of a tyrannical government.  More than that, it is about the ability for any and all of us to have a choice or only the choice which the government masterminds would allow us which is really no choice at all.

Many of us believe or feel that we don’t have all of the answers and must rely on others to give us those answers.  In this day and age of available conflicting information, it is incumbent on the individual to do the research and discern for himself what can be proven and is therefore believable.  The supposed experts have locked themselves into their proverbial little boxes of acceptance of one size fits all training based on the teachings of their collegiate years.

Beyond that, outright lies or spins of the truth should be quite easily perceived.  Let’s take the example of the economy and see if your understanding holds up given the facts.

Starting where we are, whose decision was it to close down the economy and then blame it on the president?  Gavin Newsom is only one example of not being able to differentiate between densely populated areas and rural scenarios.  Shutting down the State has only postponed the inevitable as the rising number of new Covid cases is now demonstrating.  Continuing this futility seems to be Biden’s solution to the disease.

Put succinctly, if Trump’s stimulus of tax cuts and deregulation hadn’t been wiped out by those who wanted to destroy one of his greatest claims of success, the economy would still be booming.  You want to believe those who claim it wasn’t that good when many marginal groups with traditional high unemployment rates actually benefited, that is your prerogative.

Going back further, there is the claim by Barack Benito Milhous Obama that Trump inherited his economic recovery.  You mean the one which had historic high participation in the Food Stamp program, counting Christmas jobs and 29 hour per week jobs to avoid Obamacare mandates as equivalent to full time jobs, and the lowest labor participation rate of all time?  Wasn’t it Obummer who said manufacturing jobs weren’t coming back and you couldn’t just wave a magic wand to make them reappear?  Now Biden is promising to do what Trump has already done in bringing them back?  Interesting …

Biden and his troupe want to say Trump is racist, divisive, and anti-Semitic.  In his 47 years in the Senate and Washington, has any politician accomplished a movement toward peace in the Middle East?  Others have promised to move the American embassy to Jerusalem but who actually did it?  Which party is the party of promoting race as the basis for actions and which is the party enabling minorities to advance on their own initiative.  Divisiveness is declaring war on the basis of race against whites, the successful, and law and order.  Never has a contrast been starker.

The US is now energy independent, the military has been rebuilt and funded instead of being left to wither, unfair trade and military protection deals have been revised, and illegal immigration is being dealt with.  The Supreme Court is being populated with individuals who interpret the law rather than write it from the bench.

What does Biden and Harris offer us?  Take a look at California.  Do you want a one party country created by giving statehood to those who support those who hate America?  Why is it that Democrats want to change the rules when their plans go awry such as packing the Supreme Court?  If that is such a great idea, do it now while Trump is in office.  It wasn’t a good idea during FDR’s multiple terms as president and it isn’t a good idea now except as a last gasp effort by liberals to destroy traditional America by fundamentally changing our representative republic.

Finally, most of us vote against people when our wallets and purses are affected.  Maybe you think it is fair to take 90% of a person’s earnings when they make an enormous amount of money.  Who took the risks, made the investments, and ran their business to achieve these gains?  This is like the house taking a “rake” when they didn’t put up the money, have any skill, but simply leech off of those who do.

I see no benefit in having others tell me how I should live my life, what I can or cannot do, and to what choices I am limited.  Given a choice between abundance or subsistence, there really is no choice.  If government is so great, why does California have a water shortage when the Pacific Ocean is one of its borders?

It is time to permanently drain the Swamp and remove its denizens.  If the mainstream lamestream media choose to continue to be part of it, they also can become a thing of the past.

As John Galt said, “Get out of my way”.  Limits are for those who have little or no skill to operate at high speeds.

I would rather be a name than a number …

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