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By The Freedom Writer – July 17, 2021

“As long as we have faith in each other, and trust in God, then there is no goal, at all, beyond our reach. There is no dream too large, no task too great.”  –  Donald J. Trump

Since our fraudulent Presidential election and President Trump being stripped of his First Amendment Rights by being banned from social media, the Left has taken the Marxist helm and marching on with expedition and an iron fist.  If we Righteous Patriots continue to sit on the sidelines and do nothing because we are worried about what our family and friends may think of us if we take a stand, we will lose our country. If you took one thing that you learned from President Trump, it was that if you fight for your freedoms and love of your country, you can never lose. Of course there are going to be tyrants and defectors along the way, many of whom are very close to you. But you have to put on the Armor of God and the Holy Spirit and forge on. What is more important than fighting for the fresh breath of Liberty? This current gangster government is taking a little piece of liberty away from us every day.

That is why I ask each and every one of you … Do you have what it takes to take our country back? Let’s start right here by taking Del Norte County back. This is how America was founded and freedom prevailed. Our Founding Fathers fought at the local level. This is why it is imperative for our children to know and understand our U.S. History, which makes them spiritually, mentally and emotionally connected to how sacred American freedom is.

Take a spiritual step back; try to look at our community and the local corruption from a 40,000 foot perspective. What do you see happening?  Observe our local governing bodies starting with Del Norte BOS, Crescent City Harbor, City of Crescent City, Crescent City Fire District and Del Norte Unified School District. What have they done in the last couple of months? They are all working in unison and their decisions do not serve or put their constituents first. In fact, what is happening is they are merging as one by taking drastic steps in succession and closing in on us, the Tax Payers.  All of our governing boards are working in lock step. This is hard to accept in a small town because everyone is connected through relation, marriage, work, school and growing up together. The social-emotional connections never end; however, these people in charge and are knowingly and willingly  violating our Constitutional Rights, and stripping our freedoms away by being involved in things like Election Fraud, cronyism, conflicts of interest and going along with Newsom’s agenda. These people that you may be related to or are ‘friends’ with, are NOT your friends. Nor do they really care about our country. They are in it for their own self-gain and gratification. We have come to a PRECIPICE in our community and our country. If We the People don’t fight to stop this flagrant corruption and salacious taxation and spending, we will lose everything our families have worked for and our freedoms will be gone.  Del Norte County is being run by very incompetent people. They are pushing us against the wall with more and more tax. It is time the Tax Payer push back. Every representative on every governing body needs to be recalled. They are all guilty of corruption, over spending and above all, violating our Constitutional Rights. The Righteous must unite and fight for Liberty.

Be Strong. Be Brave. Be Fearless. You Are Never Alone  –  Joshua 1:9

Written By: The Freedom Writer

2 thoughts on “Are You A Brave Soul?”
  1. Thankyou Freedom Writer for your Excellent Article on what is going on in CrescentCity! Yes every government board is guilty This is sad to say because being such a small County and City … a lot of the people in office are related and vote the way they vote because of it! It is really time to think about the Taxpayers in this County and City that are being over taxed … it would be very interesting to know the Salaries of ALL the people working for the City and the County… and we do have the right to know this because it’s the law and we the people are paying for it !

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