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By Branden Bieber – November 22, 2021

In the recent mask mandate update by Dr. Stutz dated 11-22-2021, Chair of the School Board, Angela Greenough read lies about Covid statistics, and blindly thanked the authoritarian Communist Dr. Stutz. Dr. Stutz doesn’t even meet the county residence criteria and has very few, if any patients in the county.  He’s promoting an insufficiently tested vaccine, and mandating masks and testing that violate our freedoms.   Del Norte County would benefit from firing Dr. Stutz and removing him from the Public Health Office.  He should really be jailed for imposing an insufficiently tested vaccine, and infringing on our civil liberties. 

We don’t know the long term affects the vaccine(s) have on human reproduction, a person’s ability to fight cancer, or one of the many other side effects common in current medicine.  Adverse effects of medicine produced by the same vaccine manufacturers, have resulted in hundreds of billions of dollars in settlements, and thousands of illnesses. These same drug manufacturers knowingly suppressed adverse reactions of their products for the benefit of profits for stakeholders. 

What about the 100,000 people who have died in the last year from opioids produced by some of the same companies? Are pharmaceutical companies guiding the school boards moral compass?  If so, you all should be fired!  More obvious examples of your dereliction of duties and cause for your removal from your positions is your inability to control violence in schools,  or your failure to educate our children (test scores demonstrate you don’t know what you’re doing, or you just don’t care.)  Maybe you should be fired for your inability to retain employees, or mismanaging public funds.  And, some or all of you should be placed on Administrative leave for enabling (and promoting) a hostile learning environment.  

During the November 18th school board meeting, the board discussed masks and vaccines for well over an hour.  This flu strain is currently affecting .0007 students and staff at the schools.  Meanwhile, a teacher at the board meeting reported that you’ve  had 22 fights at school facilities recently, .005 of staff and students.  Our children are more likely to be attacked unprovoked at school than contract this flu.  If the school district is liable for flu scenarios, you should also be personally liable for damages to students who you fail to protect.  Your lack of responsiveness and leadership is resulting in increased community hostility and economic depression.  What was the school board’s reaction to the teacher’s report on violence?  Crickets! NO comment from any of you.  Do you not see what’s happening, or do you not care?  Focus your efforts on your school board appointed duties, which is to facilitate our children’s educational needs.  Why should you continue to receive a salary when you are failing at your responsibilities to prepare and educate kids entering a competitive world.  

I would be interested to hear about what you’ve individually accomplished while serving on the school board.  Your selfish leadership suggests your biggest accomplishments are your salaries.  If you are unable to adequately prepare our kids for higher education or a career, you should quit.  If you don’t like when people show emotion as you trample on their Constitutional Rights, then Quit.  Either step up. Or step down.

What gives you the right to require your Constituents to wear a mask?   We have some of the best air quality in the world in Del Norte.  So, take a deep breath, relax and breath all those micro fibers and carcinogens that go into the mask you’re wearing.  Maybe you should take a look in the mirror before suggesting you know what’s best for everyone else’s health.  Are you so smart, that you think breathing your own Carbon Dioxide is healthy?  Instead of wearing a mask, citizens should mandate council members to wear a muzzle.  Your inaction and poor educational results are proof your words lack substance.  Your leadership (or the lack thereof) doesn’t come close to meeting educational proficiency standards.  

Disappointed beyond words.


One thought on “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”
  1. Branden’s letter reflects the frustration held by many citizens on a local and national level. Frustration with the trampling of liberties and silencing of voices. Frustration with “mandates” that are unsupported by scientific data. Frustration with misleading and/or untruthful information. Frustration with the lack of common sense used in making decisions. Not needed is the POTUS, Governor, Superintendent, Mayor or School Board telling us how to be healthy or what drugs we should take. In many cases the treatment or prevention used is more harmful and riskier than contracting the virus. Forcing children as young as 5 to comply with masks and shots or be left out of society is child abuse, plain and simple. The risk of contracting the CV-19 virus is very low and one of many risks we measure and take daily in living our lives. We do not know the long term effects of the CV-19 vaccine. How many booster shots will you need? Frustration with the ‘Health care System’, the Public School System and with Government ‘leaders’ is very understandable and justifiable.

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