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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – January 18, 2018 –

Prefacing this column are a couple of observations.  The first is many of you don’t wish to be free.  You want government to tell you what to do, what to think, and who you are.  The second is I am only trying to “free your mind … I can only show you the door … you are the one who has to walk through it.”

“If you can keep your head when all about you

Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

But make allowance for their doubting too; … ”

Rudyard Kipling, If: A Father’s Advice to His Son

This is the first stanza of a lengthy poem on overcoming the faults and flaws in others with directives on what the author speculates it takes to “be a Man, my son!”.  I suggest you read it in its entirety before listening to the plaintive bleatings of those entrenched souls in the mass media who are demonstrative of human frailty, pedagoguery, and true believers of their chosen ideology.

Listening to Meet The Press should leave you shaking your head.  A discerning mind equipped with the ability to question statements simply has to ask him or herself “are the conclusions logical or are they premeditated to bring the audience to a preferential conclusion aligned with the politics of the presenters?

Chuck Todd is the moderator of this hour long attack on the Trump presidency weekly event passed off as unbiased and real journalism.  I disagree.  His panels consistently are composed of New York Times “haters” as well as others from the bastions of “fake news”.  Then Todd brings in the “token” weak Republican, either from the RINO establishment or someone like this week’s contributor Rand Paul who seems to have trouble speaking both plainly and as a man.

As if the overwhelming majority of bias displayed by those on his panel weren’t enough, he felt it was necessary to bring in another elected official to counter any refutation of the conjecture that indeed Donald Trump is a racist.  This is all predicated on the comment, denied by some but confirmed by others, that Trump called Haiti, a country with the lowest income per person in the world, a “shit hole” without a clarifying adjective such as “economic”.

Let’s get real, folks.  First off the term and the first word is only offensive to puritanical “cognoscenti” elitists who pretend they don’t know or use common language.  Second, it is an accurate description of a country destroyed by its rulers while the Dominican Republic, directly to the East on the same land mass, doesn’t seem to economically equate although Cuba is directly to the West and could quite well fit this same descriptor of income viability.  Third, anyone who actually listened to what Trump said and has been saying about immigration would know Trump means we don’t need any more people coming to America to suck off our welfare system rather than bringing in educated professionals who could quickly contribute and assimilate.

The montage of Trump quips and statements are not taken at face value but perverted to condemn the man.  Barack Obama’s name comes up because Trump questioned his birth certificate.  “Would Trump have raised this question if Obama was a white man” was the solemn accusation coming out of this group of nattering naysayers.  Perhaps these racists, and they are as they are the ones predominantly preoccupied with this concept, forget that Barack is half white.

Then we go on to the subject of DACA.  Again there is no debate but simply questions asked of the right people who have mastered “talking out of both sides of their necks”.  Michael Bennet, the senior senator from Colorado and a lawyer, claims it is racism to not allow people who broke the law to remain here while counter intuitively claiming he endorses the “rule of law”.

I don’t care who brought them here or how long they have been here.  They came illegally.  If an American family tried it in Mexico, they wouldn’t be deported.  They would be rotting in one of their jails.  At least that is what you are told.

I want to know how jihadists from Muslim countries get into Mexico in an effort to cross our porous border.  I also want to know how all of those kids that Obama let in from Central America came across Mexico without any problem at all.  Maybe Mexico is racist and just doesn’t like Anglos?

We finish up the racism discussion with the headline from a different source, the Associated Press.  “Leaders Say Trump Presidency Is At Odds With MLK’s Legacy” by ERRIN HAINES WHACK – AP National Writer.  Wow.  Now there is an appropriate last name given the diatribe and “collusion” of the media attempting to make the word of the day stick.  Are you getting the picture yet?  These people are like piranhas but in this case they smell blood which isn’t even there.

Finally on Meet the Parrots, we had a woman panelist accuse Trump of partisanship in aiding Texas but not the blue State of Kalifornia.  California has the 7th largest economy in the world and the highest personal tax rate of any State in the Union.  Do you see the bias as well as the problem with this woman’s thought process?  You are supposed to cover politics, not attempt to indoctrinate your political views as fact.

Now I want to give you the bigger picture, what this is all about.  It doesn’t make any difference how you are registered, you should be able to separate the truth from what you want reality to be.  Many of us obviously have a problem going down that path.

This is a continued focus on distractive non-essential, divisive, and “crutch” enabling issues.  I live in the 21st Century now and Hollywood does a fantastic job of ensuring that our youth knows every swear word known to man.  So, do I really care what word in one thousand that Trump uses or do I want him to parse every single word whether it be in a speech or in informal conversation.  I seem to recall Joe Biden using the “F” bomb and the exact same people in the media had nothing to say.  Maybe that was giggling I heard.

We have a president who is dealing with Korea, the Chinese, and the religious fanatics in the Middle East far more effectively than the Marxist maniac who just left office but instead we see attacks on Trump’s “fitness” for office ala the 25th Amendment as a last ditch effort to reverse a mentally distressful election result.  Where is the collusion?

I will repeat what I have said in the past.  Joe Goebbels would be proud that his tactic of “tell a lie often and long enough and it will be accepted as the truth” is working so well.  Let me see if I understand this.

Barack Obama is known to have attempted to influence the election in Israel.  Russia put out facts, the truth, about Hillary while our own media wouldn’t, and that is somehow wrong?  No one has been able to prove that the Russians acted in concert with the Trump campaign.  My point here is the Russians should be congratulated and thanked if they truly did of what they were accused.

I will end this with a final observation inspired by commentary on the first Matrix movie by philosophers Ken Wilber and Cornel West.  While I found most of their pronouncements to be hallucinogenic liberalism, they saw the movie through the prism of their own preconceived notions based on their education, I did pull one mot out of the morass which I found truly enlightening.

While I strive to give people freedom, not all people want freedom.  Some of us prefer to be told by the machine world what to think and what to believe.  It is more than just “mental laziness”.  I would go further to saying some of these same people don’t mind enslavement as long as they perceive themselves as the slave drivers.

It is the rare individual, the Ayn Rand, the Martin Luther King, the John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the Ronald Reagan or the Abraham Lincoln and the founders of our country, who don’t accept limitations on others but rather promote intellectual, spiritual, and physical freedom for all.

Isn’t it time you too “questioned authority”?  That is the true “splinter in your mind”.  Only you hold yourself back when you realize this.  But you get to choose.

Freedom or slavery … which will it be?

One thought on “Are You Kidding Me?”
  1. Excellent, excellent, excellent description and commentary of the non-educational voters of our time.

    Yeah, for our Donald who is literally DOING something about this mess we are in…I can only hope that he keeps doing it for years!

    A senior lady who has lived through the lousy politics in her lifetime and could see exactly what was happening, a long time ago.

    We just feel so helpless, even with our vote going in the proper direction, for the people, not the darn politicians agenda!

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