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Opinion and Commentary By Donna Westfall – February 5, 2024

By now you’ve probably heard that the City of Crescent City is looking at increasing sewer rates. Just as a reminder, ratepayers pay for operations and maintenance. Developers pay for expansion.

Let’s look back to that period when the Wastewater Treatment Plant was being upgraded and expanded. We’re talking between 2007 and 2011.

We were told that expansion was 11.8%. When we asked to see the report to verify this figure, none was forthcoming. But let’s say that expansion is more like 50-70%. Who pays for expansion? Answer again: Developers. The question must be asked: Do ratepayers pay anything towards expansion?

How do we know for sure that this is happening when budget requests have been made but have not been forthcoming?

Plus, reports concerning expansion were destroyed years ago. Wonder why?

Tonight is the Crescent City, City Council meeting starting at 6 pm. It is held at the Flynn Building located at 981 H St. Public comment starts after reports and presentations.

These are your City Councilmembers: Jason Greenough, Ray Altman, Mayor Blake Inscore, Kelly Schellong and Isiah Wright.

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