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By Gun Owners of California – July 1, 2024

It’s only Monday and we are starting off with a real bang – and it’s painful.  It’s July 1, 2024 which means that a host of insidious and money-grubbing laws have come home to roost – the worst of which is the new 11% excise tax on all guns and ammo.   Here’s the facts:

Dealers are responsible for the collection of the tax from the consumer and the subsequent payment of the tax to the state.In order for us to have a viable lawsuit challenging this tax, we have to have “legal standing”.“Legal Standing” essentially means that someone has to have been wronged in order to file a lawsuit. We will not, however, have “standing” until such time that the tax is actually paid to the state by the dealer (not the consumer) which will be in October.
We believe this is an outrageous situation and will do all we can to fight this in the courts, but we must be smart on how we do it.  GOC and our partner 2A organizations have a robust and talented team of 2A attorneys – we will keep you informed as things progress.
There is some great news, though – the Supreme Court ruled Friday that the federal government’s administrative agencies – such as the ATF – have broadly overstepped their authority.  Speaking on behalf of Gun Owners Foundation:“This ruling gives us the thunder and lightning we need to beat back the aggressive anti-gun agenda of the rogue Biden administration,”
Sam Paredes, a board member of the Gun Owners Foundation.
GOC was busy in the media and at the Capitol – read our latest HERE on what happened in the Senate Public Safety Committee as Sam testified on AB 2917 and AB 3064.  It’s worth reading – and watching!

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