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By Roger Gitlin, EYE ON DEL NORTE – July 1, 2021

In one of the dumbest moves it has ever made, the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors voted to approve the move of Child Support Services from Third St to Marshall Way, giving into to the most obvious cronyism imaginable, and in creating an almost impossible off-street parking condition.

The new lease with North Plaza Professional Partners dba Kevin Hartwick & Company.

Here are the winners in this debaucle: The investors of Hartwick and Company, his crony partners aka the Board of Supervisors, Howard, Hemmigsen, Starkey, Berkowitz and Darrin Short… AND the tail that wagged this “dog,” ex-CAO Jay Sarina

Here are losers: The businesses and doctors who surround the tiny center, the clientele who utilize Child Support Services, and the Public who pays for this mess.

The facilities on Third Street were more than adequate.

POLITICAL Cronyism is pathetically alive and very healthy in Del Norte County.

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