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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – March 27, 2022

There have been many reports, most untrue, about the limited affect that
SARS-CoV-2, Covid for those of you that don’t know, has had on the
population of China due to the draconian measures taken by the Communist
Party there.  For the longest time, government numbers from China seem
to indicate that rigid lockdowns, testing, masks and mass vaccination
was blunting the over all affect of the virus within its borders. 
Despite the reports from the CCP of relatively few deaths in the past
two years and relatively few infections, reporting from sources outside
government circles paint an entirely different picture.

We have had some inkling that all was not well within China for some
time, as citizens have been allowed out of the Country in large numbers
due to Chinese influences through out the world.  As they were initially
allowed to travel unfettered, most Countries felt the impact from those
Chinese travelers as they proceeded to infect the entire world with the
virus.  Along with those that escaped from China we have learned that
measures employed in Chinese Cities closely resembled block by block
prison camps. Regular testing, enforced masking, and vaccination. 
Nothing came off the table for that totalitarian regime, kind of like
the “China Light” practiced in California by our Governor, if you are
familiar with the connotation.

With the revaluation that those kinds of responses to Covid in New
Zealand, South Korea, and Singapore failed, things have become much
clearer as to what happened behind the Propaganda Wall in China.  While
South Korea was experiencing its largest surge of the newest variant,
Omicron, China was also.  It has appeared that Chinese state controlled
media has not been exactly honest about its numbers.  Current photos of
the Chinese plight, followed by reports of harsh restrictions have
become a regular flow out of the Country.  Deaths and infections were
greater than what was being reported.  Still all in all, for a Country
with a population of over one and a half billion packed for the most
part into densely populated cities, the effect has been more economic
than deadly.

Here in this Country, it has been acknowledged with increasing frequency
that nothing our government employed had any real effect on our numbers,
and in fact those numbers are beginning to dwindle rapidly.   As State
after State here in this Country have begun to report fewer total deaths
along with a Centers for Disease Control recent reduction, reality may
finally set in.   While still not close to that reality, at least we are
headed in the right direction, downward.  China, in the meantime, is
facing reality as well.  A constant flow of indicators show that China’s
policies have not worked any better than they did in this State.
Unfortunately, just like China, too many Californians desperately cling
to the “narrative”.

It is difficult to explain to those that are all in on the Covid porn
that it is unlikely to kill if you are reasonably healthy. Something you
cannot see, hear, taste, smell or touch has been magnified by the
“narrative” into an all consuming fear of impending death.  This
unfortunately is far from the truth.  There are many other health
conditions, and potential causes for death that far out strip what Covid
has wrought.  It has recently been revealed that the “narrative’s”
number one solution may be more deadly than the virus itself.  Masks do
not work, lockdowns haven’t worked either, and now the “vaccines” have
been exposed as nothing but therapeutics and do not confer immunity.
Events in China are but the latest exposure to the failed practices
employed here in the United States……  The message has become, “learn
to live with it”….

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