Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024


money down toiletSTOP THE MADNESS!

Do you believe the City wants to LOWER your sewer bill?

Take a stand with the Crescent City-Del Norte County Taxpayers Association.  Log your protest vote since, as we know, when the people who want to increase our rates are also the vote counters, not all votes get counted.

Help us to help you and the future of our community from winding up with a $100 million wastewater treatment plant that we can never afford.

The Phase 2 plans are underway, even though Crescent City can’t pay for the first loan!

What can you do?

Stop the madness by bringing a copy of your sewer bill to 937 J Street and sign the protest ballot.

Together we can take back our town!

Take a stand.  Call (707) 951 3650 for more information.

Continue to read, your only local news source on sewer rate protests.


Sponsored by the Crescent City-Del Norte County Taxpayers Association


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