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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – March 1, 2022

Attention: Voters in Smith River, North River, Hiouchi and Gasquet.

You have a once in four-year-cycle opportunity to remove arguably the most partisan, self-serving, least qualified candidate for the Del Norte Board of Supervisors…Chris Howard has submitted candidate papers seeking his third term in Office. Howard voted to exempt himself from term limits…and conceivably he could run for many more terms for continued loyalty and allegiance to his employer Alexandre Dairies and the Tolowa dee ni’ Nation.

It is not right to ignore, discount or marginalize voters’ concerns.

As of this moment, Howard has ZERO opposition for the upcoming Primary June 7. The filing period at the Clerk’s office at 981 H St ends Friday, March 11th.

Is there any one of you in District 3 who will file papers to replace this faux RINO Republican and poor excuse of a representative for constituents in Smith River, Hiouchi and Gasquet?

Del Norte deserves better than this shill who dutifully follows any and all matters: Sacramento.

It is my hope voters in District 3 will stand up and tall: one or more of you WILL file, I M M E D I A T E L Y.

Any questions on what or how to become involved, please contact me.

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