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By Angry Old American

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Dear neighbors, much has transpired since March when I first wrote to you. Less than five months have passed, and it seems the world has been flipped upside-down. Initially, I sought to promote preparations for food security after a global Pandemic was declared. Since that time, our situation has been compounded considerably.

According to “Tracking Down the Origins of the Wuhan Virus” by the Epoch Times, there is growing evidence that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was aware of the Coronavirus well before it came to light globally. Research into a bat SARS virus identified as CoVZC45 and CoVZXC21 was conducted by the People’s Revolutionary Army at a biological research facility in Zhoushan in February of 2019, well before the virus ever appeared in human populations. In fact, the first known reports of this specific bat SARS virus were submitted as early as January 5th, 2018 at the Institute of Military Medicine Nanjing Command. A Chinese virologist specializing in synthetic viruses, Dr. Shi Zhengli of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, had been researching cross-species transmission of bat SARS virus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (P4 Laboratory) since 2010. Her 2013 report, published in “Nature,” provided proof positive that bat SARS virus could be transmitted to humans without an intermediary host. A 2015 report discussed a synthetic bat SARS virus administered to mice that displayed the same symptoms as Covid-19. I will not go into all of the details regarding the release, and spread prior to the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring an “official” Pandemic. Suffice to say, there is ample evidence that the CCP knew the virus had breached containment and allowed it to migrate internationally. Flights from Wuhan to locations within China were halted while international flights from Wuhan continued. That much we do know as fact. I refer you to the documentary “Tracking Down the Origins of the Wuhan Virus” by the Epoch Times available for free on the internet for an extremely in-depth investigative report.

Now we are seeing many cases of unsolicited seeds from China arriving in the mailboxes of American and Canadian citizens. The shipping invoice labels of these seed packages identify the contents as jewelry or other items exempt from agricultural inspection. Most seeds are coated in a “Purple substance” that has yet to be analyzed. Is this yet another form of biological warfare? Do these packages contain the seeds of invasive species, or are they coated with an infectious substance?

In addition to the Pandemic, we are facing Nationwide public unrest. At the time of this writing; Portland, only 327 road miles distant, has reached over 70 continuous days of riots, looting, arson, vandalism and mayhem. This violence in Portland and other large cities Nationwide continues unabated. The mainstream media news either fails to report these riots or misrepresents them as “Demonstrations” or “Peaceful Protests.” I regret to inform you that these riots are moving from large cities to suburbs and small towns. Antifa is showing up at the private residences of not only government leaders, but news reporters and anyone publicly opposed to their ideology. In Portland, Antifa is openly attacking Black Lives Matter protesters who complain or interfere with their brazen acts of arson and violence.

As has been covered by Mainstream Media News, Antifa and the Black Lives Matter Movement have made attacks on National Monuments and those symbols that define our culture. The “Cancel Culture” phenomenon openly attacks free speech and seeks to redefine language itself. This is not typical of Marxism; but is more reminiscent of Mao’s Cultural Revolution that exterminated over 80 million people in China, and nearly two million people in Cambodia under Pol Pot. First the symbols go, then they exterminate the people. Don’t expect it to be any different here in the United States.

In Minneapolis, where the George Floyd incident initially ignited the nationwide riots, Police are being removed from the streets. Amid the subsequent tsunami of crime, citizens are being urged by their government leaders to submit to the demands of criminals. “Give them what they want,” is the crux of their message; and God help you if they want to rape or kill.

Expect the George Floyd “murder” trial to get complicated. A recently leaked body-cam video shows Mr. Floyd throughout the arrest. Floyd’s now-famous complaint “I can’t breathe” began in the back seat of the car, well before being removed. It has also been revealed that the Minneapolis Police Department actually trained its Officers to kneel over the necks persons when prone during an arrest as standard operating procedure. I wonder why this body-cam evidence was never released in the first place. There might not have ever been a “Black Lives Matter Movement.”

Nationwide, those who defend their homes, or even their very lives, have faced prosecution by governments that openly support insurrection. Meanwhile, violent rioters are released within hours of their arrests to offend again.

Looters trashed and emptied stores throughout Chicago’s Miracle Mile and Gold Coast on August 11th, 2020. Black Lives Matter organizers demanded that those arrested be released, justifying the looting as “reparations.”

What profession is best represented among those members of Antifa arrested for rioting, arson and mayhem? Public School Teachers are at the vanguard of Antifa violence. What are your children being taught? Are your children taught Marxist or Maoist doctrines in their classes?

As for Del Norte County and Crescent City, I wish that we could depend on our local politicians and executives to keep us safe. However, they are all in political lockstep with Sacramento. Despite the integrity and will of our Police and Sheriff’s Deputies, there is little hope that Law Enforcement will be allowed to intervene in any violence perpetrated under the banner of Black Lives Matter. Further exacerbating the situation, Governor Newsom is releasing 18,000 inmates into communities throughout the State of California. Many of those being released are violent offenders and few of their victims are being notified. Those prisoners housed locally will join jail inmates residing in local motels and bed and breakfast inns at public expense. This will do wonders for our Summer Tourism industry here in the Redwoods. Would you stay with your family in a motel crammed with violent felons?

It would seem that I am doing an advertisement for our County and City Tax Measure that supposedly will benefit Emergency Services. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Though I support our Emergency Responders 100%; we could have, and should already have everything that the Tax Measure hopes to accomplish and more. Our local governments have squandered their funds on pet projects, foreign travel and political favors. Every time we bail this predatory government out, they continue to spend like irresponsible children. We don’t need to spend more money. The Federal Government has promised ample resources to bolster our Emergency Responders during the Pandemic. What little of that Federal money escapes the crooks and criminals who run California will need to be applied wisely by local officials. What we need are responsible and accountable leaders and managers in government so that money is not diverted from its intended use.

Considerable focus will be directed toward China during this article. We are dependent on China for many of our raw chemicals, metal and plastic manufactures and electronics. As our relations with China degrade, more and more goods will disappear from store shelves. In turn, America is China’s primary agricultural source. Our farmers not only feed us, but also China and much of the rest of the world.

I hope all of you took my initial warnings in March of this year to heart and made preparations for food shortages. If you started a home garden as I suggested, plan to can, pickle or ferment your excess. China is purchasing huge quantities of American agricultural products in anticipation of a famine during this coming winter. Unprecedented floods are presently threatening the Three Gorges Dam. China’s prime agricultural region has been inundated as the flood gates of dams were opened to divert the deluge from reaching huge urban areas. Conversely, other agricultural regions in Northern China are experiencing a combination of drought and locust swarms. The Chinese Communist Party is pushing up worldwide food prices as it imports agricultural products from the United States and globally to feed 1.4 billion Chinese citizens.

During our breakdown in trade with China, following the Pandemic, much of America’s imports started to come from other Southeast Asian countries bordering the South China Sea. Although the United Nations ruled against China, the Chinese Communist Party still lays claim to the entirety of the navigable international waters of that Sea. Three weeks ago, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China literally surrounded Taiwan during one of its largest military exercises on record. This was done following China’s claim that countries with cargo transiting the South China Sea negotiate terms of navigation with the CCP. In response, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Australia went on high military alert. The United States sent two Naval Carrier Groups and seventy B-52 Strategic Bombers to the South China Sea to join in joint military exercises as the PLA ended its own exercise. Our allies in India have also faced recent deadly clashes with China along disputed regions in the Himalayas. At this writing, there is a massive military buildup on both sides, with Pakistan aligning with China against India. All three of these bordering governments have nuclear capabilities. Each faces the prospect of a nuclear strike on their country with scant minutes to respond with a retaliatory strike.

During the past couple of weeks, human rights tribunals in Europe, and also the United States Government have sanctioned the Chinese Communist Party due to continued forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners, and ethnic cleansing among their Uighur minority. The CCP has also been sanctioned for their crackdown on the Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Movement and a new State Security Law that seeks to arrest and imprison citizens of other countries who are critical of the CCP.

The recent revelations of Chinese Espionage Rings at Harvard University and other Ivy League institutions through the Chinese Communist Party’s “Thousand Talents Program” led to closure of a Chinese Consulate in Houston Texas. A People’s Liberation Army “Medical Researcher” (Thousand Talents Program) thought to be funneling US virus research data to China is also sheltering in the San Francisco Consulate, and trucks outside the New York Chinese Consulate are feverishly shredding documents.

Tik Tok’s Social Media spyware application has been banned in the United States by executive order. Tencent (WeChat) and other Chinese software giants are facing exclusion from Wall Street unless they submit to the same strict guidelines and financial disclosure rules followed by American corporations.

All of these recent events have led to a rift within the Chinese Communist Party itself. The CCP’s present leader Xi Jinping, though viewed by most Americans as a tyrant, is actually a moderate within the CCP. His fanatical militaristic adversary, Li Keqiang, is now standing in open opposition to Xi Jinping’s stance of peaceful financial world domination. If a regime change occurs, we may soon see an even more brutal backlash against Pro-Democracy Chinese citizens and overt military strikes against the free world. While Xi Jinping is satisfied with imprisonment, slave labor and organ harvesting, the world may see a shift to outright torture and mass extermination of Chinese citizens and others.

For those who are unaware of these events, I highly recommend the Epoch Times Newspaper, NTD News on the internet, or other independent news sources. As I related in a previous article, over 90 percent of our news is owned and operated by only six corporations. All of these corporations have their own agendas and are willing to compromise truth to accomplish their personal objectives. For those who relied in the past on the FOX News Network as the sole conservative view from mainstream media; Disney recently acquired FOX and is now dictating a Leftist shift in content. This shift was demonstrated when FOX cut-away and censored video of violence at the Portland riots that was presented as evidence at a recent Presidential Press Conference.

I always encourage independent research and the application of reasoning to all news information. In this age of institutional misinformation, don’t ever take news at face value.  Challenge the narrative and pursue the facts. When doing research, remember that Google designed and implemented the tracking and censure software now used by the Chinese Communist Party to control its citizens in China. The search engine “duckduckgo” does not track its users or censure political content. I personally will not use Twitter, Facebook or any other Social Media software that spies on its clients. I make it a practice not to “Become a Member,” “Join,” “Sign-In,” or “Log-On” to any service. If I cannot participate as an anonymous visitor; I do not participate at all.

California, nearing bankruptcy, is fast approaching a pension crises. The Chief Investment Officer for CalPERS, Yu (Ben) Meng, has resigned after allegations of falsifying records. It has further been alleged that Yu Meng (Thousand Talents Program) is a member of the Chinese Communist Party and was not only funneling capital from the California State Pension Fund into risky Chinese stocks that supported the CCP and People’s Liberation Army, but also into private equity firms in which he had a personal financial interest. All of this was done with little State oversight and no attempt has been made, as of yet, to determine the fallout from his financial management decisions. Retired CalPERS annuitants consequently may see drastic cuts, and our many active State, County and City Employees participating in CalPERS may soon face an uncertain retirement future. Be mindful that retirement funds for Federal Employees and from 401Ks cannot be invested in China; while CalPERS funds are deeply invested in China.

Our Democrat controlled Congress has stonewalled the passage of a second Coronaviurus Relief Bill. Their “Big Stimulus Bill,” included a bailout for irresponsible Socialist States facing bankruptcy. Democrats in Congress also insisted on economic stimulus checks for illegal immigrants, the release of illegal immigrants from detention centers and mass release of dangerous felons from prisons in every State of the Union. For reasons that can only be speculated, Democrats also added to the Pandemic Relief bill provisions for a voter signature verification ban in all States, and to require the practice of vote harvesting with blanket vote-by-mail Nationwide. One might ask who the intended recipients of a Democrat aid package would be. Chinese owned companies, tied to the People’s Liberation Army, received hundreds of millions of dollars in PPP loans from the previous stimulus bill in May; while many small domestically owned businesses in the United States were denied loans because of poor credit.

News is coming fast and furious, and President Trump just bypassed Congress by signing executive orders to extend lapsed unemployment insurance at $400 per week (Democrats wanted $600 and Republicans $200), to cut Student Loan rates, and provide emergency foreclosure and eviction protections. Democrats are furious and immediately threatened to challenge President Trumps executive orders in court. When this court challenge happens, those in desperate need will have to wait even longer for relief. Unfortunately, we citizens of California do not get to join in. Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the State of California does not have “enough money in the Piggy Bank” to pay it’s mandated 25% of unemployment insurance costs. Too bad we aren’t illegal aliens.

We face many challenges ahead. Many will attempt to sit on the sidelines. Perhaps a few will get lost in brain-dead television, drink alcohol, smoke pot, or find some other distraction or diversion. They might create a delusional belief that nothing bad can happen to them. Meanwhile, gradual changes for the worst appear before our very eyes daily. Evidence of global food shortages, economic recession, open insurrection on the streets, Marxist subversion in our government itself, and a very real possibility of another World War appear each day. Not a very pretty picture to wake up to. Is that the reason that our Mainstream Media News does not report these facts? Personally, I don’t think CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR or any of the other alphabets have our best interest at heart.

Some within our community are in desperate condition today. We should be mindful of our neighbors and seek to lend a hand as best we can. We cannot turn to our local government for help because they simply do not care. Our local government system itself is not designed to serve the public any longer; but to serve itself. Our only hope is to cooperate with one-another as individuals for mutual survival.

I am reminded of the old 1941 film by Frank Capra “Meet John Doe.” This movie is in the public domain and can be viewed and even copied freely from any number of online sources.

The Hero of the story, John Willoughby played by Gary Cooper, is a simple traveling hobo trying to survive during the Great Depression of the 1930s. The Great Depression had many similarities with our present global economic shut-down; except there literally was hardly any money and there were no jobs to be had. Through several twists of fate, the Hero finds himself the focus of a fraudulent news story and a war between two corrupt newspapers and the likewise greasy politicians that they serve. In this story, those in power are only interested in benefiting themselves and their cronies (sound familiar?). The only hope for the Hero, and for the average hard-working people of America was to be compassionate, love their neighbors, and care for one-another. The story could have been written for today.

Ultimately, we cannot rely on “the news,” politics, big-money handouts or anyone outside of ourselves and our relationships with others. These institutions have been a magnate for power-hungry psychopaths and self-serving predators from the beginning of time.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights gave us a framework to survive times like these. Yet those documents are under open attack. Just like our forefathers who fought and died in wars to preserve our Republic; WE must now step up against domestic enemies who seek to take it all away. If enough chaos, fear and depravity are released upon us, the powers that own much of this country hope to break our will. They hope to make us believe that THEY have the power, so we will take a knee and submit.

We the People have the power in the United States, and no matter what degree of collusion and subversion exists among our Prosecutors, Judges, Mayors, Supervisors, Governors, or Congressional and Senatorial Representatives; it is the People who rule America. This wealthy cabal may have the power to set lose their dogs of war, propagandize the public, brainwash our children in school, release rioters and criminals into our midst, to remove our police, to jail us if we refuse to submit to criminal intrusions; yet their power can be taken away in November. These corrupt predators want us to believe that only the National and State elections are important. We need to restore honest government right here in our own backyard. Attend the online government meetings. Be knowledgeable about what they are doing. Get to know how your representatives vote and how they think. Sweep our government clean.

Above all, love your neighbor and show compassion to those in your community who are in legitimate need. It is time to get off our asses and get involved!


Angry Old American

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