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In the 5 years that I’ve lived here, I’ve tried desperately to save my teeth.  In the process, I was told to take prescription fluoride supplements.  Nothing worked and after having all my teeth pulled a few months ago, now I get to suffer with false teeth.

I watched the video with Dr. Paul Connett, (Exec. Dir. of the Fluoride Action who is the international expert on anti-fluoridation) debate a 20 year dentist in Phoenix, Arizona on Sept 5, 2012.  One statistic rattled off was that 3 out of 10 adults over 65  have no teeth, or false teeth in the United States.  That’s a staggering nmber.  That means that fluoride, which has been in the drinking water now for 67 years, has not been saving teeth.  Ummmmmmm?

Another interesting tidbit, the Phoenix dentist, Dr. Farran, didn’t even know the chemical put into the water.  He didn’t know or rather he minimized the test results on fluoride lowering IQ after 33 studies, the latest out of Harvard.  What will it take to get through to these so-called professionals?  Recently, I heard that Dr. James Woods, came up from the Sonoma County area to speak the Democratic Headquarters.  He’s been a practicing dentist for over 25 years.  He didn’t know what chemical was put into the drinking water either.  Why is that?

When I go to the Doctor or Dentist, I wondering if they really know what’s wrong or if they just prescribe a pill that has not been FDA tested or proved.  How do they even know it does any good or harm?  Why is HFSA/fluoride still an unapproved drug?

I understand the Senior Center was going to put on a debate about the pros and cons of Measure A, but no one from the opposition (No on Measure A) was willing to debate. Why is that? 2 years ago all the dentists and doctors in this area were gung ho to endorse opposition to Measure A.  A bunch of politicians and professionals jumped on that band wagon and lent their names to a “Trust Me” ad in the local papers.  HA!  They didn’t even do their homework.

I’m pleased to see that there’s only group opposing Measure A this time around as compared to 5 groups 2 years ago; that would be the Democrats.  The Republicans are remaining neutral.  The Del Norte County School Board hasn’t said a word (I rallied out there twice so far), First 5 and the Board of Supervisors.  Maybe, maybe they’re finally getting the message that this “medicine” is full of _ _ _ _

2 numb skulls drinking HFSA/fluoridated water, well, you know.


I built this sculpture to get a message across.  We’ll all be nothing but numb skulls if we continue to drink HFSA/fluoride.

Lastly, I want to comment on the IQ again.  It’s completely absurd to me that any parent would want to chose between trading a lower IQ with poor teeth.  For pregnant women who drink HFSA/fluoride, they may be permanently causing lower IQ or even brain damage in their babies, which is forever irreversible.




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