Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

By Kelley Nolan:

Recently I attended the Sonoma Valley Gleaning Project in Sonoma, California. At this workshop I requested extra copies of the handouts and asked plenty of questions about the structure of their organization.  After much thought and discussion the Del Norte Gleaning Project has become a reality.

pear tree

I have personally made a 2 year commitment to see where this project may lead. This is a project, not a business, not a Not-for-Profit, just a project.  We are primarily looking for donors and volunteers. In addition, the Del Norte Gleaning Project will be offering workshops in Food Preservation, Canning, Drying, and some component of Nutritional Literacy.
This is the structure for the Del Norte Gleaning Project:

  1. The Coordinator and Glean Leaders have a list of donors. Those persons with excess produce. The list is confidential to respect the privacy of the donor, unless the donor has given written permission to use their identity.  We are not interested in gleaning produce that has been sprayed with insecticides, nor will we collect fruit that has already fallen and lying on the ground. There are some exceptions to that particular rule.
  2. We have created a list of volunteer gleaners.  These volunteers must sign a waiver of liability.  If the volunteer has a truck, trailer, or the ability to carry large quantities of produce this will be a benefit to the Project.  For example, September is prime time for apple tree gleaning. The Project will need  vehicles that can hold plenty at one time
  3. The goal of the Del Norte Gleaning Project is to get the backyard produce to the distribution site all at one time; the same day would be the ideal situation.
  4. We are focusing on the Faith-Based Community as the primary means of distribution. This community feeds everyone without regard to income.

Most people think only of fruit, veggies, and herbs but please consider donating if you have more eggs that you can consume or give away.


Let’s not have any food in Del Norte County go to waste.  Let’s make it a priority to feed the hungry by gleaning.

If you want further information or care to become a donor or volunteer, please = contact Kelley Nolan at 707 458-9500 or 797 954-0212   you can also send an e-mail to:  delnortegleaningproject@gmail.com.

Or leave a comment on Facebook = Kelley Nolan – the Del Norte Gleaning Project



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