Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

It was fun!  That’s right. FUN.  Joining the Crescent City, city council members at the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Monday, August 13, 2012, were members of the public with coloreed markers, cutouts, and maps of Beachfront park.  Their mission.  Work together in groups to suggest redesign elements to the 35 acre area.

What made this session different from others in the past? That remains to be seen. There was talk about getting grants to pay for the work.  In an era where most grants have dried up,  the design team made everything seem possible.  They kept to a 2 hour timetable.  First, large posters were taped to the walls with titles like, EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES.  Suggestions were made as to the elements wanted in our park.  Community theme, family friendly,and  animal friendly.

Those that were dog owners wanted a dog park.  BMX Court. Bocce Ball court.  Sand Volleyball.  Ampitheatre.  More trees, more park benches.  Places for mobile vendors. With the amount of wind we get; kinetic art sculptures. Duck pond. Sport Fishing.  Boat ramp.  FREE CONCERTS IN THE PARK.  Covered areas from the rain. Starting to sound exciting?

After all the suggestions were in, everyone received an envelope of self adhesive dots.  Large green dots for what was most important.   Small green dots for things you didn’t like.  Then 5-10 minutes spent so that each person could place their dots on each poster.

Then, each table’s task was to come up with a plan on a map drawing  in each element can be for example, “Keep the dog park near the sewer plant and Marine Mammal Center due to the smell,”  followed up with, “Why is our sewer system still so odorous after spending $43 million?”  Good question.

The meeting started at 6:30 and ended by 8:30.  The design team will bring back ideas in the next few months.  They have extensive experience in designing beachfront parks.  They were paid by a grant.






  1. No one has asked when they are turning dirt? Lots of talk and money spent but no commit times for progress.I want a start date.

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