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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Larger – July 21, 2021 – cartoon credit to

It would appear that those in charge in Sacramento have lost their
minds.  While this is a leftist and therefore Democrat idea, the State’s
Republican legislators were in lock step with their Democratic
counterparts in its passage, Limited Universal Basic Income.   No matter
how it is crafted and soft peddled, it is an idea that makes no sense at
all.   The current rendition, which has already been tried and found
wanting in a number of foreign and domestic situations on a trial basis,
has no real redeeming features and shown no change in outcome for those
that receive the State’s welfare.  While the current version passed in
the State’s Senate 36-0 and in the Assembly 64-0 has certain
limitations, there is no evidence that either branches of government
understand what a bad idea this truly is.

The State’s leadership, including our empty suited Governor Newsom, are
set to embark on a path to “rescue” pregnant women, and foster children
to the tune of between $500 and $1,000 per month at a cost to
California’s taxpayers of $35 million for this program.  In order to
shield the bumbling fools at the Capitol, the onus for distributing the
cash has been foisted off on local bureaucrats who likely will think
they have become instant Santa’s.  Naturally that neatly avoids the
problem for Sacramento when the program fails to provide the expected
outcomes and places it at the feet of local “do gooders”.  The program
will continue for several years at increasing cost only to be quietly
allowed to fade away after years of dismal results.

Following the cheer leading from California’s Democratic lawmakers and
suitable meaningless comments when Newsom signs it into law, the next
push by Democrats will be to expand the program to all Californians,
then on to the Nation as a whole.  Of course the money to pay for such a
grand gesture is non existent at the State level, let alone nationally. 
Along with the lack of money to pay for such programs are other problems
which include who will be willing to work when it becomes unnecessary? 
The country, which includes California, is already suffering from a lack
of employees, once again due to government meddling.  More such as
Universal Basic Income will only serve to make that problem worse.  It
is amazing how short sighted our leadership has become when socialism
emerges as a possible “solution” to some of our existing problems. 
Democratic leadership laughably suggest that this income will some how
shape the path forward for those recently emerging from time in foster
care or pregnancy, all the while ignoring the dismal failure at the
hands of educators to properly educate.  The foolishness continues with
then suggesting that monthly checks will cure all their problems and
lack of education to be successful.

For far too long Californians have been utilized as laboratory rats to
explore various left leaning fantasies which have never worked.  Many
have elected to leave the State to more sensible States to be replaced
by growing numbers of citizens and non citizens with their hands held
out for increasing levels of hand out legislation.  It is another
mechanism used by California’s current government to separate and divide
the State’s citizens and create more animus, anger and chaos.  While the
recall of the Governor would be a good start, California’s legislative
branch will remain a problem unless changes in make up are made.  The
State’s legislative core dominated by Democrats coupled with Federal
Congressmen in the mold of Jared Huffman will only serve to continue
with the kind of fantasy that Universal Basic Income will have some
faint redeeming value.  Not much Chance….

5 thoughts on “Beginning Of The End, Universal Basic Income?”
  1. California’s current effort only applies to certain groups of people, not everyone, hence not strictly “universal” in a conventional sense. It does not eliminate other types of benefits that recipients may receive and does not place restrictions on how it may be spent. It places local agencies in charge of who may receive the income and seems to place no restrictions on how those agencies distribute the income, except they seem to be saying that only those that are pregnant or transitioning from foster care are eligible. Local agencies must apply to the State to access funding.
    I don’t always catch all the auto corrects in my articles, but do the best I can. Hopefully the content is why you read the article, and not any obsession over minor errors. No one is perfect.

  2. From what I understand about Universal Basic Income, it is in lieu of other types of government aid and those will be eliminated. Is this what the California Universal Basis Income plan calls for? If not, you are spot on in your criticism.
    P.S. No apostrophe in Santas since it is used as plural, not possessive, in the sentence.

      1. Should we be concerned about typos and punctuation mishaps at a time when the mass media foists outright lies in 90% of the publications, television, radio, and social media? We should be more concerned with the facts presented, and the honesty of the reporter. Good job Sam Strait, and keep up the great work. Leave the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) nit-picking to those who suffer from the disease. Unfortunately, I am one of those cursed souls who’s eyes are afflicted with OCD, and every aspect of this world is flawed beyond measure. However, I understand that the bulk of humanity are not so exacting, and I make accommodations accordingly.

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