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Behind Enemy Lines

By Angry Old American

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We are headed toward the November Elections, in what has been touted by both major political parties as the most important vote of our Nation’s history. This election will be the difference between a free and independent Republic that protects the rights of all people under the provisions of the Constitution; or a State-mandated Cultural Revolution dedicated to gradual redistribution of wealth through the principals of Critical Race Theory.

The Democrat dominated Congress has engineered what will result in months of chaos in the form of contentious mail-in ballots. Expect uncertainty in Federal, State and Local elections reaching far beyond inauguration time.

In a recent New York Times article by Bill Smith, Democrat strategists shared their 2020 election “War Games” along with several probable outcomes. If Joe Biden wins the initial vote, then the controlled media will immediately declare him President and a transition of the White House will be demanded prior to further counting or scrutiny of mail-in ballots. If President Trump is re-elected, the mail-in ballots will be contested over-and-over til a Biden outcome is established, no matter how long it takes. Manufactured conspiracies akin to Russiagate will consume mainstream media. In the words of Hillary Clinton “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.”

Should President Trump triumph, according to the Democrat War Game, riots and civil unrest in Democrat dominated cities will resume on a very large scale. The American People will be assured that the only just resolution to riotous violence is a Democrat controlled Congress, Senate, the Presidency and eventually the Supreme Court.

According to John Podesta, the States of California, Oregon and Washington are expected to secede from the United States if Trump is re-elected. After these three States secede, Pentagon brass, loyal to the military industrial complex, are expected to stage a coup. The Pentagon and the Intelligence Community have long been critical of Trump’s desire to establish peace deals in the Middle East and withdraw American Troops. President Trump’s recent nomination for two Nobel Peace Prizes related to brokering recent Middle East peace deals underscores the accuracy of Podesta’s coup projection.

This scenario has been explored by others; only the criteria included both a full-blown military coup accompanied by foreign invasion. In this “Military War Game,” these three Left Coast States secede and immediately initiate an “Open Border” policy. Communist insurgent forces from South and Central America along with Islamic Terrorists then flood into California, Oregon and Washington. “Political Prisoners” will be released en-mass from State correctional institutions; which is already well underway in California. California is also spearheading a “Reparations” Taskforce in preparation of redistrubuting wealth to oppressed races. These States then request military assistance from the United Nations to provide “Humanitarian Assistance,” and to quell any “Racist Reactionary” unrest within their borders by citizens loyal to the United States. Confiscation of guns and property, internment camps and reeducation await those who are considered racist “Enemies of the People.”

I encountered this scenario years ago. The only difference being several air-burst nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons (EMPs) employed by our enemies to take down one or more of our three national power grids. This would be followed by troops from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army consolidating Northern California, Oregon and Washington. Russian troops would consolidate the Democrat run urban centers and ports of the Northeast Coast, and Latin American communist troops would pour in through the Mexican border to occupy Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and ultimately push northward through Colorado to divide the Country in two. This was first theorized in the classic “Red Dawn” scenario popularized in the 1984 movie of the same title. In the newest military War Game, an extended power outage due to an EMP lasting over one year is projected to kill more than 80% of the population in effected areas without the loss of any occupying communist forces.

America was a peaceful and stable country at the beginning of 2020. To most people, it is ridiculous to consider that this short matter of months could draw us into a crises. Yet, none of us expected a Pandemic. We most certainly would not have speculated about months of non-stop riots; much less that media and the entire Democrat party would sympathize with such violence.

The Epoch Times documentary Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus lays out solid evidence of the Coronavirus being a genetically engineered biological weapon. I highly recommend that you take the time to review this evidence.

In the documentary Shadowgate, evidence is provided to show that Edward Snowden uncovered more than National Security Agency domestic snooping. Shadowgate clearly explains the significance of “Cambridge Analytics” and other militarized “Shadownet” algorithms providing targeted surveillance, propaganda and censure operations on the American people for over a decade. These same militarized algorithms were employed to topple other countries during the “Arab Spring.”  Anyone owning a cell-phone, smart-phone, or internet capable computer has been an unsuspecting target of this program.

We are facing a rough ride during the next months. October will be marked by increased violence and terrorism. Armed attacks on law enforcement have become common. November elections will only fan the flames of contention and division. Don’t expect to see a Christmas shopping season in 2020. January and February will pass with no clear leadership in any elections.

My recommendation is to prepare for four or more months of chaos. Riots and violence in Democrat run cities will lead to road closures and disruptions of local deliveries.

California, Oregon and Washington may well secede, and immediately institute their own Cultural Revolution and purge. Marxists have a stranglehold on California government and will not allow their power to slip away. Do not expect our local County and City governments to remain loyal the United States and our Constitution. They will most likely follow the dictates of Sacramento, confiscate weapons and property based on race and political leanings. If Antifa loots our neighborhoods, our California government will assure that they are unmolested by either their victims or law enforcement.

During previous months, I attempted to awaken local patriots to simply attend political meetings and lend a voice of reason. This attempt has failed miserably. Freedom loving residents will only be awakened by the inevitable wave of insanity that is already enveloping other parts of this Nation. Del Norte County will only awaken in the midst of a nightmare.

As a child, I wondered how the National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZIS) were able to take over one of the most technologically advanced countries of the world. Germany, during the time of the Wiemar Republic, was a wellspring of open-discourse, along with intellectual, sexual and religious tolerance. All of that changed in a matter of a few short years when their own Critical Race Theory was put into practice.

I wondered why so many of the Jewish people remained in Germany to endure the atrocities that followed. It never occurred to me that they may have been oblivious. The raw power of propaganda and censorship escaped me. The Democrats have inexhaustible financial resources, the alphabet intelligence establishments, Hollywood, music entertainers and sports figures, mainstream media, news outlets and Shadownet digital surveillance and propaganda that the Nazis would have envied.

Now I understand how the Nazis took control. I am watching it happen before my very eyes. The Nazis demonized the Jews to galvanize a racist policy, and now the Communists are demonizing the color White. The result will be just as radical and obscene. I expect the gradual removal of all Civil Rights, which California is doing right now with Proposition 16. Discrimination will be justified and normalized through propaganda. Then comes a gradual application of disenfranchisement. Firearm confiscations will be followed by racial registration, forced segregation, curfews and strict limitations on travel. Confiscation of personal and real property will be followed by internment.

How can I be so sure that this will happen?

If the models followed by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Milosevic, Makelo, Akayesu and Kambanda are followed; reeducation, and forced labor would be considered tolerant. Genocide will be the ultimate result. It may even happen in a matter of days; as evidenced by the attrocities in Rwanda.

An important note is that those who apply the extreme measures of genocide are often highly indoctrinated youth. Is it any wonder that educators are the most common profession of Antifa members arrested during violent riots? The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

Yes, these are extreme and almost unthinkable ideas. Yet, it has happened many many times within a single generation. All of the genocides listed above, and other smaller ones, happened during the past 80 years. These trends show no sign of ever stopping.

Those who stick around to watch the show may soon find themselves behind enemy lines.


Angry Old American



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