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By Samuel Strait – May 31, 2020 –

I wish to extend my great appreciation to all the folks that e-mailed,
texted, phoned, and stopped me on the street to express their disgust of
KFUG manager’s, Paul Critz, on learning of my dismissal from the Sunday
line up.  I certainly was not quite aware that my show, Conversations
with Sam, would be as well attended as the well wishers seem to
indicate.   KFUG under the leadership of Mr. Critz has by enlarge become
exclusively a liberal/progressive radio station that would take a
persistent listener some time to ferret out my show as an outlier during
the weekly lineup.  For those listeners I am eternally grateful.KFUG as a community radio station is required by FCC regulation to have
in its content a broad range of programing to reflect the community that
they serve.  In the course of the three years that my show was part of
the regular lineup less than one percent of the content weekly was other
than liberal/progressive.   With my dismissal, there is no diversity on
KFUG, no freedom of speech, no inclusion, no equity, nor anything that
resembles the broad range of ideas that make up this community.   As
such, KFUG currently is in violation of that licensing agreement with
the FCC and should have its content reviewed.

Mr. Critz,  KFUG’s station manager seems to be unable to maintain a
professional posture which would allow the free expression of thought
that community radio relies on to insure robust debate. Rather than
attempt to provide content that challenges other ideologies, he often
seemed terrified that those offering would not measure up.  Being
dismissive seems to be his only alternative rather than remaining
professional in an effort to debate the issues where he felt
challenged.  As station manager he would have been more than welcome to
discuss any issue that was entertained on my program, yet I was never
given any indication he was up to the challenge.  While I bear no ill
will toward KFUG as a community radio station, it is unfortunate that
the station manager can pervert its messaging to the point that it is no
longer representative of the community it serves.

I have been accused by Mr. Critz of content during the Pandemic that was
“irresponsible” in spite of the fact that all of my content can be
sourced to many other references, and generally are not positions that I
hold alone.  I fully understand that there are a great many unknowns
with regard to how Covid-19 will ultimately affect us in this country;
however, to blindly follow a questionable response to the virus, I
firmly believe that it is imperative certain questions need to be asked,
particularly in light of the fact that a great many “experts” have
proven to be wrong in their pronouncements.  This may seem
“irresponsible” to the “faithful” but never the less is a responsible
path that all thinking people should be allowed to pursue.  If Mr. Critz
is not up to the challenge of operating a community radio station in the
way it was meant to be operated, perhaps it is time to turn over the
reins to someone that is up to the challenge.

KFUG’s governing board may wish to change its leadership, sooner, rather
than later, before mounting complaints to the FCC affect its licensing,
and then it funding sources.

8 thoughts on “Being Dismissed By KFUG-FM Radio”
  1. Sam … I’m sorry but whenever someone claims that a radio station, newspaper, or other non-government entity has violated their “freedom of speech” the conversation basically ends, as this freedom only refers to government suppression, a topic of which I believe you are an expert. Sorry man. KFUG is not the government; the Triplicate is not the government. So yes, as you have been advised, you have the right to start your own radio station or newspaper and the government will only suppress your freedom of speech should you choose to do something illegal. Your political positions, to be frank, have always intrigued and repulsed me. You hate the government, but you were able to be marginally self-employed as a handyman only because your wife worked for the government. You’re proud to be an American, but you not only vacationed in Italy, but also bought a house there. You hate unions, but I presume, as a widower, you’re drawing on your wife’s pension and government funded healthcare. Go figure. And let’s hear it for Governor Newsom for having the courage to order you to wear a mask to prevent you from killing others. And yes, killing others is a crime.

    1. Bill, if only you knew what you were talking about, it would suddenly make sense, but since you don’t, try back when you actually do know what you are talking about. I don’t think anyone who claims to know me can get quite so many things wrong about me in so few words, but some how you have managed. Thanks for the laugh by the way.

  2. As a nonprofit Mr critz depends on donations. He received a 25,000 dollar donation from Dr. Caldwell. Pretty healthy donation. Who knows maybe the left will completely support his little radio station. But he lost donors from the right and probably listeners as well.

    In my opinion anyone who hires a person under the aka of Loose Arrow who makes libelous statements known to be false and maliciously projects those statements to do harm to an individual’s reputation is doing the community a dishonor. Mr. Critz has obviously gotten too big for his britches.

    Looks like your true colors are coming out.

  3. The FCC requires no such thing. One only needs look to the seemingly countless radio stations that broadcast nothing but Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck to know that this is true, and the rules are not different for community radio stations. If you don’t like it, Sam, please feel free to start your own radio station, or your own YouTube channel. I know you are capable of this, as you have shown by prerecording your shows during times when you were away. I encourage you to do so, rather than being outraged that you aren’t still on KFUG. Paul had you on the air for years. Now it’s your turn to do the work. Good Luck! I really do mean that. I wish you well.

  4. I filed the complaint. FCC # 3996149. Mr. Critz as the principal of KFUG-FM operates a Community radio station. The station is not his personal bullhorn to spew out his own private ideology. According to the terms of his FCC license, he must serve the entire community in a fair and balanced manner. This is not about FOX are comparing this community station with a private entity. Acting responsibly to the community in which this station operates is imperative. I hope you will join me in citing this case and joining the complaint.

  5. Would like to hear KFUG’s side on this.
    If KFUG is a private station then they have 4th Amendment right of ‘freedom of association, or not to associate’. That I think is a conservative value.
    Sorry San Strait, but that sounds like show business.

    1. Sorry, Ron, but KFUG is a non profit community radio station. Completely different set of rules. Not that I care one way or another. I am not under the illusion that content has much to do with the way of the world in any case. People will believe what they believe. It is my hope that whatever they believe will work for them and be of some benefit to them. Doesn’t seem like it has to be all that hard. Paul Critz on the other hand seems to relish making things more difficult rather than easier. That’s his choice and he is welcome to that choice as long as it remains that way. That wasn’t what was happening at the radio station.
      As a side note, I too would like to know his side of the story other than from a thirty eight word text that tells me nothing beyond his personal animosity towards all things not liberal/progressive. Doesn’t seem like he has much to offer at this point. At least I haven’t had the courtesy of hearing any definitive reason for why he took this action beyond adjectives that are meaningless without context. Seems petty and immature from a person that would like you to believe he is somehow very inclusive and willing to listen at the very least to all sides of any question.
      After all he has had ample time to explain himself on this forum, but you clearly have seen no such effort.

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