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By Guest Columnist – Michael Ceremello – March 15, 2018 –

Back to the national scene.  The Republicans have decided that no collusion between Donald J. Trump and the Russians occurred during the last election.  They have decided to disband their committee.  Really?

Any idiot could see the collusion which occurred.  A fake dossier was created.  It was funded by a candidate or her campaign committee.  This candidate rigged the system to oust her opponent in the primaries.  She, and a bunch of others in the prior administration, sold 20% of our uranium supply to the Russians.  Yet no one seems to care.

The conclusion to be drawn is relatively simple.  This was never about getting to the truth.  It was about getting to Trump.  Otherwise this committee would be taking the obvious and heading toward prosecution.

There has been a lot of talk about “invalidating” the public’s choice to lead this country in the last election.  It would be any rational person’s conclusion that only Hillary Clinton should be invalidated.

Russian collusion in an attempt to influence the outcome of an election?  First, they talked about actual interference but when no evidence of voter tampering could be shown, this was altered to include just talking, fake internet posting or political advertising, and trying to convince people for whom to vote.  As I have said before, politicians rarely tell the truth and they all try to convince us based on what they perceive our concerns to be with no real intent to address them.

As I have said before, most of what is in the news are simply distractions.  As for the truth, I would like to know how the US now has the lowest unemployment rate in years due to the creation of a couple of million jobs.  Wasn’t it Shawn Hannity who was telling us there were 90 million out of the workforce who simply quit trying to find jobs?  Something isn’t right here except the Right cheering on the Right.

We also have the Left whining about the hypocrisy of conservative talk show hosts saying that Trump negotiating with mad dictators has some equivalence with our last President wanting to do the same.  If you actually believe that Obama was capable of “negotiation” rather than acquiescence, you should have your head examined.


While I believe things are getting better in returning to economic sanity and defense of the traditions and productive enhancement within the greatest Nation this planet has ever seen, much work lies ahead given the stupidity of the voter in enabling the Left to retake the legislative branch of Government.  When the Left’s only goal is to impeach a person for whom they dislike or have no ideological affinity, it should be apparent these lemmings should not be given additional power.


I am sure you are getting as bored with this as I am.  I do like howling to the wind however …


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