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Anti fluoridationists were  tipped off to the creation of “The American Fluoridation Society.”  It was discovered that it was incorporated in Portland just a few months ago. It’s a 501c(4), which apparently means that access to who is funding this is limited. The three incorporators were Kurt Ferre, Chuck Haynie (aka Billy Budd) and Johnny Johnson. Matt Malmsheimer is the registered agent.

It was discovered that Johnny Johnson identified himself as the President of the American Fluoridation Society  in an article published on the website of the British Fluoridation Society talking about fluoridation efforts in Austin, Texas. Johnson also created and pays for the website along with several variations of it that has no content so far.

Johnson announced at an Oral Health Florida meeting in January 2015  “American Fluoridation Society is being created, mirroring the British Fluoridation Society, to help with fluoridation efforts and information

Chuck Haynie MD (aka Billy Budd) identifies himself as “American Fluoridation Society Member” at an April 2015 meeting of the American Association for Community Dental Programs Annual Symposium in Kansas City, Missouri

Attorney Matt Malmsheimer is the  “registering agent” and this is probably him  (same address)


Matt received his undergraduate degree from New York University in 1992. He obtained his J.D., cum laude, from Lewis & Clark Law School in 2003, where he served as a member and Managing Editor of its law review, Environmental Law. Upon graduating, Matt obtained a Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resource Law

This UK document says that the American Fluoridation Societywas founded on 09-04-2015 and has its registered office in Portland. The organisation’s status is listed as “Active”. American Fluoridation Society, Inc. is a DOMESTIC NONPROFIT CORPORATION registered in United States of America (USA) with Oregon Secretary of State Corporations Division

Steve Slott now identifies himself as a founding member of the American Fluoridation Society, a non-profit, volunteer organization composed of healthcare professionals dedicated to education of the public, with evidence-based information on the public health initiative of water fluoridation where he wrote a clumsy retort to Rick North’s excellent article at

The American Fluoridation Society is a group is made up, so far (and as far as we know), of the most prolific Rabid Responders on the Internet (Johnson, Slott, Ferre, Haynie (Budd), They may have organized because the mainstream doesn’t want any  part of them.  Or maybe mainstream loves what they are doing but wants to secretly fund them without being tainted by their foolish, unscientific and insulting words. Or maybe it was set up to avoid their getting individually sued for the false claims they make about fluoridation.  Or it could be an ego thing.  We’ll find out.

Right now, it appears that Johnson made up an organization, and made himself president which gives him a title and an organization that sounds important; but right now just seems to puff up his “credentials.”

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  1. We had Dr. Paul Connett in Calgary, Alberta on June 1/19. Global T.V. in their “usual” way covered the story. It was published on-line with comments allowed. I was unaware of the AFS, and Steve Slott,and got into a debate with him, unaware of who he was. It was the most ridiculous debate, as his comments got more bizarre as time went on. I wish I had of copied his comments, because the next day he had removed them. I tried to post this article onto my FB Fluoridation Groups, but was warned twice by FB, it went against their Community Standards. I have now been red flagged by F.B. when I post anything onto my Fluoridation FB groups. So someone must have reported me to FB, as a threat to the WF fight happening in Calgary right now.

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  3. Most European countries are fluoride free and their teeth are fine. Also, our FDA – a government agency not noted for its radical stances – has flatly said that fluoride should NOT be taken internally.

  4. He keeps saying “Hydrofluorosilic acid does not reach the tap.” Umm then why are you adding it to the water. Seems like a useless endeavor. Cognitive Dissonance at it’s best.

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  5. Wow, good old Steve Slott has showed up in Albuquerque, New Mexico pitching his snake oil. Look’s like he is on the “rapid response team”. A paid shill for sure. Albuquerque Water Authority will vote on August 23rd, 2017 on whether to start adding fluorosilicic acid to our water. We have been “fluoride free” since 2011, but the fluoride Nazi’s are attacking on all fronts. Pray for us that we will be able smite these creatures of the Devil.

  6. Steve Slott has admitted that Delta Dental of California has paid AFS $50K for promoting artificial fluoridation.

    1. It is immoral and unethical to force fluoride or any chemical or drug on all citizens without their consent.
      A doctor or dentist cannot force that on ANYONE. They would lose their license to practice if they did.

      It should be illegal for the government to force it on EVERYONE without consent.
      Use as much fluoride in your own glass of water as you like. Just leave the rest of us out of being forced to consume it. It must be a matter of choice and informed consent.
      We all deserve that.

  7. Fluoride is naturally occurring in tea, which is a very inexpensive substance.Tea can be ingested voluntarily for those who choose to increase their own fluoride intake; fluoride does not need to be added to the community water, where it is expensive to remove and harms many people who are vulnerable or sensitive to it.

  8. This fight continuously forgets that there are people medically sensitive to fluoride. I moved to a place with well water because to this debate and the misinformation campaign. I carry my water to work in a fluoridated city.
    You seriously inconvenience me and I am sorry for those who don’t realize their ailments are due to the water. I am aware mine are fluoride related as I am also a chemist.
    You say this fluoridation is to help kids have better teeth. Access to dentistry helps them far and away more. Water fluoridation only helps industry dispose of hazardous water effectively and inexpensively.
    Yes, my issues are medically documented, so don’t for one minute challenge me or call me a fool. My tin foil hat is only for Weird Al Yankovic concerts.

    1. Marianne

      1. If you expect credence for your claim that you are “medically sensitive” to fluoride then you will have to produce that documentation you claim to exist. Otherwise all you have is an anecdote.

      2. Your inconvenience” does not even register when compared to the lifetimes of extreme pain, debilitation, black discoloration and loss of teeth, development of serious medical conditions, and life-threatening infection, directly resultant of untreated dental decay which can be, and is, prevented by water fluoridation.

      3. Given that your well-water probably contains fluoride, it is doubtful that you have any such sensitivity.

      4. Yes, access to dental care for all citizens is most definitely a necessity, however even if this were the case, it would still not eliminate all dental decay. Water fluoridation would still be a very valuable dental decay prevention measure for everyone.

      Steven D. Slott, DDS

    2. Marianne,

      I hear this claim about medically documented sensitivity to fluoride, yet have never met an allergist who’s seen a fluoride allergy, or a doctor who has diagnosed a fluoride allergy. Could you please share that document with us; nobody has ever been able to produce such a document when asked.

      Also, have you had your well water checked for fluoride levels; it’s naturally occurring you know.


  9. CHOICE is surely the answer, rather than being force fed. (is that conscription)? Whether for or against – choice should be a human right.

  10. As resident of Wellington FL, which removed adding hydrofluorosilisic acid (call it what it is) to its drinking water January 29, 2014 I have to share an email reply from the head of Wellington’s Water Department when challenged about the arsenic levels of the drinking water at the time. Reply as follows:

    “As shown in the report, the level of arsenic detected was 1.6 micrograms/liter (ppb). Please note that 0.5 micrograms per liter (ppb) of the arsenic in Wellington’s drinking water (1/3 of the total) is from the ground water – naturally occurs. This means that arsenic is added to the drinking water (approximately 1.1 micrograms per liter) as part of the fluoridation process (2/3 of the total).”

    Note that 2/3 of the arsenic levels during that time were a result of adding Hydrofluorsilisic acid to the water. This was a definitive violation of NSF’s Standard 60, which is to be adhered to by all water facilities in the US adding this acid to its drinking water. How many other towns has/is this happening to??? To promote adding this supposedly cavity fighting toxin to the water supply is compromising the health of millions across this country with arsenic and other toxins. As Upton Sinclair stated: IT IS DIFFICULT TO GET A MAN TO UNDERSTAND SOMETHING, WHEN HIS SALARY DEPENDS ON NOT UNDERSTANDING IT!

    True case of GREED. What a sad state of affairs. Mr Stott appears to be quite the defensive one.

    1. Charlene

      1. If your definition of being “defensive” means the provision of facts and evidence, then yes, I am “defensive”.

      2. Standard 60 applies to contaminants present in water at the tap. The source of any such detected contaminants is irrelevant.

      Steven D. Slott, DDS

      1. How is the source “irrelevant”? That is the most absurd statement I have ever heard; and coming from a “doctor”.

        If it was naturally occurring, then I could see how the source may be irrelevant.
        However, if it’s not naturally present there, then the source is THE PRIMARY factor.

        Where did you get your education? You should ask for a refund.

  11. Fluoridation is clearly unsafe, unnatural, unethical, ineffective, and there are better ways to prevent carnies. 61% voted to stop fluoridation in San Marcos, Texas a few months ago. 72% of the people in Dallas voted NO to Fluoridation. Israel banned fluoridation 2013 and at the time the Pro-fluoridation crowd said it was an unilateral decision made by Health Minister German. This ban has Not been overturned! The PRO-Fluoridation lobby needs to create a lobby funded organization to pump out false narratives promoting fluoridation because more and more people question the validity of fluoridation. Telemundo in Atlanta are amazed at just how big a story this is! Lara Carolina Fernandez is overwhelmed with the number of emails full of stories of misery that she’s getting in response to their three part series on fluoridation. You don’t need to understand Spanish to get the gist of this story. Some parts are in English, and the blatant lies by CDC official Dr. Eugenio Beltran are obvious from the CDC records of disparate harm to Hispanics and other races shown on screen after his denial that any such records exist.

    Part 1:…/3529482_video-agua-potabl…
    Part 2:…/3530928_video-agua-potabl…
    Part 3:…/3535561_agua-potable-o-ve…
    Telemundo Facebook:

    It is obvious Fluoridation is one of the Top Ten BLUNDERS of the 20th Century (quote from form Dr Osmundson DDS). Dental health in poverty areas that have been fluoridated for 30 years is at crisis levels. People like Steve Slott know the truth I say, shame on him and his kind.

  12. Just like it happened in Flint, Michigan water contamination of a whole city and its inhabitants, fluoridation of drinking water will be stopped too. EPA will be now more sensitive to look at the facts and the systemic damage the US population sustained because of water contamination. EPA’s Top Leader of Region 5 just dismissed from her job because of clear negligence of proceeding with protective measures knowingly so for a year, at least. That makes for some news. Time to make right and stop the poisoning of the people of America for greed.

    1. Daniela

      The water problems in Flint have absoultely nothing to do with water fluoridation.

      Steven D. Slott, DDS

  13. Dr. Will

    Perhaps you should properly educate yourself on this issue before commenting.

    1. Fluoride has always been, and always will be, existent in water. The fluoride ions added through fluoridation are identical to those which have always existed in water. If you fear neurotoxicity of fluoride when drinking fluoridated water, you should also fear the same when drinking non-fluoridated water. Fluoride has been on the EPA list of neurotoxins for years, along with 150 or so other substances including such commonly ingested substances as aspartame (sweetener), ethanol (beer and other alcoholic beverages), salicylate (aspirin), caffeine, and nicotine.

    1. There is no substance known to man which is not toxic at improper levels including plain water. Fluoride has been on the EPA

    1. Dr. Will

      1. There is no substance known to man which is not toxic at improper levels, including plain water. Fluoride has been on the EPA list of neurotoxins for years, along with 150 or so other substances. On that same list are such commonly ingested substances as aspartame (sweetener), ethanol (beer and other alcohlic beverages), salicylate (aspirin), caffeine, and nicotine.

      2. Fluoride has always existed in water and always will. If you fear neurotoxicity when consuming fluoridated water, then you should also do so when consuming non-fluoridated. The fluoride ions added through fluoridation are identical to those which have always existed in water.

      3. The contents of raw, undiluted fluoridation substances are as irrelevant to consumers as are the contents of the multitude of raw, undiluted other substances routinely added to drinking water. All water at the tap must meet stringent, EPA mandated quality certification requirements under Standard 60 of the National Sanitary Foundation. Standard 60 requirs that no contaminant be present in water at the tap in excess of 10% of the EPA mandated maximum allowable level (MCL) for that contaminant. Fluoridated water easily meets all of thise requirements. A complete list of fluoridated water at the tap, including precise amounts of any detected contaminants, and the EPA mandated maximum allowable level for each may be found on the “Fact Sheet on Fluoridation Chemicals” found on the website of the National Sanitary Foundation.

      4. Fluoridation substances such as hydrofluorosilic acid are long gone before the water reaches the tap. They are therefore not ingested. There is no requirement, nor any need, to provide safety data for non-existent substances which are, obviously, not ingested by anyone. If Crecent City did end fluoridation based on a lack of information on substances which do not exist at the tap, that is truly unfortunate, and a consequence of improper research of the issue.

      Because fluoridation substance manufacturers do not provide data on substances which are not ingested, does not mean that they don’t stand behind the safety of their products. It simply means that there is no requirement, nor any need for them to provide any such data.

      5. I am paid $0.00 by the American Fluoridation Society.

      Steven D. Slott, DDS

      1. Read the statement you posted:

        “Fluoride has always existed in water and always will. If you fear neurotoxicity when consuming fluoridated water, then you should also do so when consuming non-fluoridated. The fluoride ions added through fluoridation are identical to those which have always existed in water.”

        If flouride ALWAYS EXISTED AND ALWAYS WILL exist in water, then why is it added to water and called “non-flouridated”?

        Then this statement:

        “Fluoridation substances such as hydrofluorosilic acid are long gone before the water reaches the tap. They are therefore not ingested. There is no requirement, nor any need, to provide safety data for non-existent substances which are, obviously, not ingested by anyone.”

        If true, then why support adding it to the water if it doesn’t get ingested? You’re worse than a politician, and amazingly stupider, if that’s possible… George Bush Jr. wouldn’t even try and pass that bullshit!!

        If it doesn’t reach the tap in our homes, then how does it prevent cavities?

        C’mon…Who needs a dunce hat? Steve here!

  14. Fluoride Free Austin is pleased as Punch that our efforts are appreciated across the pond! Although we haven’t succeeded in ending fluoridation in our own city (yet) our seven years of continuous advocacy have served as inspiration to many, including the wonderful folks in San Marcos down the road, who won a 60-40 victory despite their city government’s vicious (and illegal) effort to deprive them of their Constitutional right to a people’s referendum. We’ve contributed significantly to the nationwide tide of awareness that has the money-and-power-mad Rapid Responders scampering about to put out brush fires here, there and everywhere.

    For perspective on what we’ve faced in Austin (including the secret insertion of a Pew operative into the citizen’s commentary portion of a kangaroo hearing and some bizarre behavior and comments on the part of sundry Councilmembers) I urge everyone to visit our video page and view some of the second block of clips. The captions are self-explanatory: we do have a sense of humor. The public is getting wise to what their “representatives” are doing to them, and once they’re fully awake water fluoridation will go away despite the RR team’s best efforts.

  15. I have yet to read anything written by Slott and his fanatic buddies that is accurate, fair to all, and honest. I believe that their monitary gain by the promotion of artificially fluoridated water and therefore their consumption of it has taken it’s tole on their mental and integral process. They obviously can’t understand any of the research showing fluoridation to be detrimental to health let alone understand that everything in the product used to artificially fluoridate municipal water is a proven contaminant and toxin. They can’t understand or purposely haven’t read the recent Cochrane Review revealing the bad, skewed, and flawed science that Slott and others tout as proving fluoridation to be safe and effective. They don’t care that this practice they promote is doing harm as long as their pockets are filled with basically blood money. No one should be drugged or experimented on as those who consume fluoridated water are being. All promoters of fluoridation are promoting the removal of choice on an individual basis. This is tyranny and abuse of power. It is unacceptable in a free society. This is America where we do still have a choice but Mr. Slott and his buddies want to take this away by spreading and repeating mis-truths. Your unscietific, integrity lacking promotion of fluoridation WILL come back to bite you and your buddies.

  16. The only recourse for those without facts and evidence is to attack the messenger. Time for fluoridationists to step up to the plate and put their money into science, research, instead of marketing mythology.

    Dr. Slott:

    List one prospective randomized controlled trial of fluoridation’s efficacy.

    Provide one study of measured evidence, measured dollars, of the population at large which shows a reduction in dental expenses with fluoridated water.

    Provide a review of the developmental neurotoxicity of ingesting fluoride. What is the evidence that fluoridated water for infants, dosage of about 0.13 mg/kg body weight (1 liter water for 5 kg infant) is safe for the developing brain.

    1. Bill Osmunson – Do you have any training or understanding of science? You appear to be just copy/pasting anti-F propaganda without comprehending what you are requesting.

      You request, “List one prospective randomized controlled trial of fluoridation’s efficacy.” Hundreds of millions of people drink fluoridated water and have done so for decades. Fluoridation opponents have been spreading false information trying to scare people into believing their propaganda during that entire time.

      Instead of spending money promoting alleged evidence of harm which has not been able to change the scientific consensus, why have fluoridation opponents not used those resources to design and complete a prospective, randomized controlled trial which would prove their allegations?

      Provide a basic outline of how you would design and implement such a study. Ages enrolled, double blinding protocols, control for all potential confounding factors, length of trial, etc.

      I have asked other fluoridation opponents who have suggested a prospective, randomized controlled trial to study the safety and effectiveness of community water fluoridation to outline a specific protocol of such a study. So far, no one has responded

      According to the 2015 Cochrane review, Water fluoridation for the prevention of dental caries, which fluoridation opponents regularly attempt to show supports their opinions clearly states, “However, there has been much debate around the appropriateness of GRADE when applied to public health interventions, particularly for research questions where evidence from randomised controlled trials is never going to be available due to the unfeasibility of conducting such trials. Community water fluoridation is one such area.” and “Types of studies: additional clarification on difference between initiation and cessation studies added; the fact that randomised controlled trials are unfeasible is highlighted.”

  17. I got fair and accurate fluoride information directly from the Chicago ADA science person they put on the phone. My direct inquiry was to be educated due to my city taking a vote. In our conversation, their science guy in 1998 told me that mothers’ breasts filter out fluoride to 6-17mcg/L regardless of mother’s higher intake levels. Having breastfed 2 babies, I was astonished by this fact and asked him “Do you know what that means? God or Nature (whoever you want to give the credit) protects babies brains and kidneys.” He had a very long pause and then told me anonymously “Go vote against it.”

    So glad I got to talk to him!

    1. Judy

      “Mother’s milk” is deficient in iron, Vitamin K, and Vitamin D. By your logic, nature intends for infants to be anemic free-bleeders who develop Rickets. The content of “Mother’s milk” is irrelevant to optimally fluoridated water.

      Steven D. Slott, DDS

      1. Steve, As much as you try you honestly can’t even compare fluoride with essential vitamins and minerals. Fluoride has never been listed as a essential mineral. No one has ever gotten ill or died from a lack of or deficiency of fluoride.

        I believe the below link explains breast milk much better than you Steve Slott…

        “The vitamin and mineral content of human milk is the standard to which cow’s milk and infant formulas are compared. The human milk content of these vitamins may vary and be related to the maternal diet.” water

        1. Typical red herring, Crystal. Whether fluoride is classified as an essential nutrient is irrelevant. Fluoride simply prevents cavities.

          1. Topically – some. Ingested F has no protective benefit and clearly has negative health effects on systems like the brain, Pineal Gland, skeleton, etc. Then there are the heavy metal and carcinogenic contaminants that come along with the Fluoride.

            How does a medical professional whose mantra is “first do no harm” support this?

      2. No, your logic is faulty. It was the American Dental Association’s (ADA) official science person’s perspective that a vote against fluoridation was in order to protect babies. Their science guy told me how to act on “the truth.”

    1. Wendy

      Nonsense posted about me on antifluoridationist websites is, obviously, irrelevant. However it is very entertaining.

      Steven D. Slott, DDS

      1. You said that a few years back as well. I am still waiting for you to identify the nonsense, as you promised to show us back then. So far it is surely you who looks like a fool.

  18. Seems making up non profit organizations is the norm for the pro fluoride faction. Coalitions, Foundations and supposed studies are a front to have access to tons of State and Federal grant money,state tobacco settlement money,etc. This money is being shared among a select few that seem to have their hand in all these cookie jars. Arkansas is crawling with them! Exposure is coming…

    1. Crystal,

      The New York antifluoridationist group, “fluoride action network” is also a non-profit. Unlike the AFS, THE personnel of “FAN” are paid.

      Steven D. Slott, DDS

      1. I like your post, and what you say makes sense to me, but I have a question? Forgive the ignorance but I’m still trying to get my head round RRSPs since moving to Canada and what I’d like to know is if its sensible to make a contribution that would ensure I drop a tax bracket or is the aim to be at the lowest point in the highest tax bracket? $7k would take me down to the next bracket, I have room for $10 and I have $8k in savings. Any input appreciated.

  19. It is against the business and professions code for licensed professionals to make false statements to the public. In California we’ve silenced the fanatics who make grandiose claims of safety or effectiveness of hydrofluosilicic by filing ethical complaints. The million dollar lobbyist Howard Polluck has so far avoided being challenged by telling the truth at least while being recorded.

    When Scott Peters the chair of the San Diego city council at that time asked one cogent question in response to my poisoned babies talk the “army of doctors” stunned by his desire refused to stand up and defend the enormous overdose of fluoride to infants onto-water-formula and nominated Mr. Polluck to defend the practice. Mr. Polluck did a fancy dance but basically admitted fluoridation will unquestionably overdose the infant. Watch Fluoridation Advocate admits Poisoning babies

    Then get back to us on why this is OK with you.

    1. David

      1. If you are referring to me in regard to the “budiness professions code”, then I challenge you to provide valid, documented evidence of any statements I have made which are false. I challenge you to do the same in regard to Howard Pollick.

      2. The “safety or effectiveness of hydrofluosilicic [sic]” is irrelevant. Hydrofluorosilic acid does not reach the tap. It is not ingested.

      3. There is no valid, peer-reviewed scientific evidence of any adverse effects on babies resultant of their having being “poisoned” from optimally fluoridated water. If you are claiming different then you should read that “business professions code” yourself.

      4. If it is I whom you wish to “get back to us” then you will need to provide a full, unedited, authenticated, transcript of whatever meeting on which you want me to comment, such that all comments can be viewed in their complete and proper context.

      Steven D. Slott, DDS

  20. Now we find out if this site which reports the news “accurately, fairly, and honestly” also employs censorship of comments.

    Steven D. Slott, DDS

    1. There is nothing accurate, fair, or honest about anything Steven D. Slott, DDS says or posts about fluoridation. He’s a dental-industry puppet who is more concerned with getting certificates of appreciation from the ADA for his fluoride propaganda than he is about actually helping people.

      1. Dr. Will

        1. I challenge you to provide valid, documented proof that anything I have stated is not “accurate, fair, or honest”.

        2. If you wish to see my efforts in “actually helping people” then simply google “Steve Slott, missions of mercy”.

        Steven D. Slott, DDS

  21. Ironic that this site promotes itself as reporting the news “accurately, fairly, and honestly”.

    Steven D. Slott, DDS

    1. It’s ironic that Steve is going on about accuracy, fairness and honesty. This is the Steve Slott who works to force everyone to swallow unmeasured amounts of fluosilicic acid, whether they like it or not. What’s accurate, fair or honest about that?

      1. Joe

        1. I don’t “work” to force anyone to do anything.

        2. Fluorosilic acid does not exist in fluoridated water at the tap. It is not ingested by anyone.

        Steven D. Slott, DDS

    1. Since these “four forced-fluoridation fanatics” who “don’t have an IQ point between them” have corrected Germousse so many times that it is impossible to even keep track anymore…….that must mean that his IQ is well into the negative.

      Steven D. Slott, DDS

          1. Says the corporate shill taking money from Delta Dental to force a developmental neurotoxicant into the public water supply. Steve, maybe you should study what happened in Crescent City when residents and officials required fluoride additive sellers to provide the list of contaminants found in the products, as well as stand by the safety of their product for ingestion once diluted into the water supply. The additive companies couldn’t and therefore wouldn’t do it, ending fluoridation in Crescent City. Now this campaign is being replicated in other locales around the country. Strange that these products you endorse so strongly aren’t even endorsed by their own manufacturers.

            How much money are you being paid by the American Fluoridation Society?

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