Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

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Once again the majority of the Crescent City, City Council members ignore the continuing saga of complaints by merchants in the Business Improvement District about assessments.  Pleas and complaints to terminate the BID are about as effective as banging ones head against the wall.  The council members who seem  intent on retaining BID (Schellong, Murray, and Gastineau) despite repeated survey’s, lowering of assessments and now –  merchants have warned the council they WILL NOT PAY in defiance of the suggested $100/year assessment.

Who can blame them?  If BID were effective in living up to their mission statement and goals no one would complain.  The fact of the matter is that they simply have not accomplished what they state they’re all about.  Retaining businesses, bringing in more businesses and creating increased business to the existing merchants. That’s what it’s all about. NOT HAPPENING!  How many more years will this dreadful situation continue?

Listen to one business owner, Matt Kime of Dezign Graphics, in utter frustration express his displeasure with the Council.  And the Council has the nerve to wonder why more people don’t attend meetings.

First it was with the Wastewater Treatement Plant contract going from $19.6 mil to $42.5 mil, then it was the increase in sewer rates; then the question about whether or not former Public Works Director was getting kickbacks, and then it was censuring me for the audacity to ask that question, and then it was the fluoride poison in the drinking water.  More and more people of the public refuse to waste their time trying to talk to these bobbleheads.

Point of fact, many business owners live in the County and can’t even vote for city council members.  Too bad.  I’m sure when they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, they’ll think of something.

In total, Matt Kime talks for about 3 or 4 minutes. See if you agree or disagree.



  1. Some of the city council members have an attitude, like the women said, “Well if you don’t like it move”, and one man sits there with an attitude; who on earth do these people think they are?. They are suppose to work with the shops downtown. It’s their money. The BID needs to keep their hands out of the little shops pockets.

  2. Right On!!!!

    Thanks Matt for saying what the big majority of BID members feel.

    When Kelly was Mayor, this is a quote, Mayor Schellong stated she thinks this year is going to be a turning point for Crescent City by the council listening to their community………..

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