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By Kevin Kiley – April 7, 2023

Biden has been rebuked by the courts again for overstepping his authority. A federal judge struck down his vaccine mandate for Head Start nationwide.

The dominoes continue falling. On Tuesday, I called on all California universities to end their mandates, noting our institutions of “higher learning” are clinging to ignorance the longest. Stanford then ended its mandate yesterday; we’re pressuring all others to follow suit.

As we work to fully close the curtain on the COVID era, we’re also undertaking efforts to assure nothing like this ever happens again. I met in D.C. last week with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and leaders of Rational Ground and Restore Childhood about how to repair our public institutions.

Meanwhile, America’s worst COVID Governor is in the middle of a farcical “Red State” tour, and Democrats in these states have a message for him: Go home. Politico has an article headlined “Why Gavin Newsom gives red state democrats the blues.”

The article is humiliating for Newsom, reporting that “like a California cabernet left out on a humid afternoon, the Newsom brand may not travel all that well.” James Carville calls his tour a “stunt” and the head of the Florida Democrat Party says it will “backfire.” I spoke with Steve Hilton about Newsom’s “model” of failure.

The House is adjourned this week. But we’re preparing for a flurry of activity when session resumes, including a new bill I’m sponsoring: HR 1122 forbids the Federal Reserve from issuing a Central Bank Digital Currency.

Fight Newsom’s “model” of failure

Kevin Kiley is a California Congressman

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