Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

By Congressman Kevin Kiley – March 13, 2023

In recent days Biden has agreed to allow new energy production, reverse a reckless crime bill, and impose modest border restrictions. We set out to rein him in and are getting results.

The President also agreed to my request for a Major Disaster Declaration for the storms in California. Of course, this was delayed as we waited for Newsom to return from his Baja vacation and sign off.

This came amidst another action-packed week at the Capitol. During an Education Committee hearing that went until 2:30 AM, my School Choice Amendment passed despite objections from anti-parent lawmakers. Watch me and Burgess Owens debate them here.

We also gained momentum in our campaign to stop Newsom’s Labor Secretary, Julie Su, from joining Biden’s cabinet. Several new groups notified me of their opposition, including 150,000 truckers. See my recent interviews and floor speech against Newsom/Su here.

( Ahead of her confirmation hearing, U.S. Senators should be aware of Julie Su’s disqualifying
series of failures, including presiding over the largest unemployment insurance fraud in U.S.
history, overseeing the wrongful denial of 1 million unemployment claims, and support for AB 5,
which threatened the livelihoods of 2.7 million freelance workers.)

This Wednesday, I’m holding a press conference with James Gallagher to announce the opposition of California lawmakers to Su’s nomination. You can join us at 10 AM on the West steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento.

Last week we also passed a bill in Congress to de-classify all information linking the Wuhan Lab to the origins of COVID. Not long ago, even suggesting this was enough to get you banned from social media; now, every Democrat joined us in passing the legislation.

On the other hand, Biden has denied the tennis star Novak Djokovic entry to the United States because of his vaccine status. I took the President to task for this embarrassment to our country. We’ve come a long way – but plenty of insanity remains.

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