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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – October 13, 2022

Joe Biden is in California. He’s attending an LA fundraiser for the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, the organization backing my opponent among others.

While he’s in town, perhaps Biden will get a glimpse of what Newsom and the Supermajority have done to our beautiful state. Because he’s trying to do the same thing to our country.

The latest example came Tuesday. By executive fiat, Biden is aiming to nationalize one of the worst laws ever passed by any state – California’s disastrous AB 5. Instructions for giving public comment on Biden’s proposed decree are here.

AB 5 banned most independent contracting in California, destroying countless livelihoods. You can read my full chapter on how Newsom gleefully signed the corrupt law, ignored our movement to end it, then used the State of Emergency to mercilessly hammer it in.

Early in the COVID shutdown, I forced a vote on the Assembly Floor to suspend the law. We placed on every Member’s desk a packet with 10,000 names of people who were pleading for relief. The Speaker ordered the Sergeant-At-Arms to confiscate the packets.

When I replaced them, the Assemblywoman who authored AB 5 picked up the packet and literally threw it off her desk. This legislator would later resign in the middle of her term to become a highly paid lobbyist for the Special Interests behind the bill.

In other news, today’s CPI report showed inflation even higher than expected, confirming the “Inflation Reduction Act” was a sham. The way to actually reduce inflation is to replace the politicians who created it.

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